Introducing our newest Contributor…H-Town Wolverine

What’s the good word young World?  It’s ya boy 12 and I wanna introduce and welcome an old friend of mine to the Corner store and our fam(you the readers).  He goes by the name of the H-Town Wolverine and he’ll be providing articles from his unique perspective, just like all of the rest of the Corner Store contributors.  I asked him to shoot me few points about himself that I can pass along to the crew(you the readers), and this is what he sent me…

  • 39 year old white male, network engineer by day, rabid sports fan by night. Former Baseball Player, Former Student Trainer, Jackhammer of all trades, and one stubborn bastard…
  • – Teams –

o Any and ALL things Michigan Wolverines

o Big Ten Conference

o Houston Astros

o Houston Texans

o Houston Rockets

o Houston Dynamo

o Can we get a Hockey Franchise in Houston already?

  • – Favorite Quotes:

o “I don’t take vacations. I don’t get sick. I don’t celebrate major holidays. I’m a jackhammer. “- Jim Harbaugh

o “Attack each day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind” – Jim Harbaugh

o “Never underestimate the heart of a champion.” – Rudy Tomjanovich

o “1, 2, 3, NUT CHECK!!!” -Fab Five

Who U Got In The All Time NFL Draft’s 1st Round?

Greetings to my young world. As always ya boy 12 is loitering at The Corner Store and I’m knocking down a cold craft brew. Had some time to kill and I guess I haven’t got the draft out of my system so I decided to put together the 1st round of an all-time NFL draft. This was off the top of my dome so there are some all-time greats that I didn’t put on here. Also I wanted to pick some badasses from different eras.

What really intrigues me is attempting to guess who will get left out of the 1st round.  So pick your top 32. If u don’t have the time to put them in order then pick who doesn’t get picked in the 1st. If you really got time then I’d like to see you pretend that these players are coming out of college and entering the 2017 draft.  Use this year’s post trades team order and pick for each team in the first. Let me see what you come up with. Here are the players.

Bo Jackson
Barry Sanders
Jim Brown
Tom Brady
John Elway
Joe Montana
Julius Peppers
Reggie White
Bruce Smith
JJ Watt
Jerry Rice
Randy Moss
Anthony Muñoz
Orlando Pace
Willie Roaf
Lawrence Taylor
Ray Lewis
Dick Butkus
Emmit Smith
Brett Favre
Warren Moon
Flozel Adams
Sean Taylor
Ed Reed
Charles Woodson
Andre Johnson
Mean Joe Green
Dan Marino
Randall Cunningham
Bruce Mathews
Peyton Manning
Ronnie Lott
Earl Campbell
Darell Revis
Terell Owens
John Riggins
Mike Singletary

I know I butchered some of the names but F It. I got a buzz and don’t feel like googling their names. U know which I’m talking about.


Does The Sports Media Intentionally Promote The Narrative of The Absentee Black Father?

Young World, Young World, oh my Young World!  I’m greeting you from my favorite place on Planet Earth, The Corner Store.  I feel like the God YHWH of the Bible when it was written that he rested after putting in all of that work.  I’ve been digging in deep in regards to taking in some NFL draft coverage over the last week.  The draft was held in Philly, Pa from April 27-29 and as usual I treated it like a three day vacation from the real world cuz I can do that.

My primary mission was to see who my beloved Houston Texans were gonna add to the mix in order to help us get over the hump(Patriots) and stay competitive for the foreseeable future.  I must say that I was pretty krunk about the additions of Former Clemson QB Deshaun “National Champ” Watson in the 1st round and the 2,000 yard rusher from the University of Hook’em Horns(Texas), and Houston/Galveston area(Texas-City) native D’onta Foreman.  I didn’t know much about the other picks, but I watched their highlights and looked over the player profiles provided by two of my most trusted draft resources in Lance Zierlein and Jayson Braddock.



It would seem that we Texans fans have a lot to look forward to.  I believe with the acquisition of Watson, somebody has finally put a stopper at the base of our proverbial revolving door at the quarterback position.  All I have to say about that, and I’m sure that many a Texans fan will agree, is “Bout damn time!  This young man is going to do some special things in the NFL and I’m glad that he’s going to be doing it for my city’s franchise.

Many of you may have heard about Watson’s upbringing and it’s not much different than plenty of other young men that were drafted by the professional sports leagues in the US.  He was raised by a single mother in a rough area, but in contrast from most other stories, his family was blessed to receive a home that was presented to them by former NFL and Florida St Seminole(Go Noles) running back Warrick Dunn.

I sat through most of the draft and one story line became all too familiar.  Many of these young men, especially the black ones, didn’t have their father’s in their lives.  I’m not going to go into all of the social commentary on why I believe that is, and it’s nothing new since we hear the same narrative every draft season, but for whatever reason it just touched me enough this time around that I wanted to speak on it.

I decided to go at it from a different angle this time.  Today’s media is all about the click and I can’t explain why, but the clickers are drawn to the negative.  Even if it’s a feel good story like Watson’s that tells the tale of a young man that overcame all of the adversity he faced to become a highly coveted target in the 2017 NFL draft, it sometimes seems that the selling point isn’t that they conquered the issue.  It seems to me that sometimes the press wants to sensationalize the issue itself.

I’m actually starting to wonder if the majority of these athletes really did grow up without fathers in their lives or is that the only story line that the mic holders want put out?  It’s like they seek out the brothers that came from a broken home so that they can spin that angle.  I’m not saying that they make up these stories, or that they twist the words of the athletes in question, but I just feel like they seek out the hardship stories so that they can have a better story to report.

It may seem innocent, but if that’s all that, or most of what they are reporting then it leaves the viewing audience believing that growing up without a father is just part of being an African American.  Same way as when I was growing up, I thought everyone in Africa looked like the starving children in Ethiopia on those commercials who were being swarmed by flies and obviously suffering from malnutrition because that’s all I saw on TV about Africa.  That couldn’t be further from the truth. I’ve met dozens of Ethiopians and none of them look or have lived like that. I’ve met native born Africans from different parts of the continent and none of them have ever been starving like those commercials led me to believe.  True there are people starving in certain parts of Africa, but there are people starving in the 3rd Ward of Houston, Tx.  No one can paint the entire country of America as a nation of starving people because there is a pocket of the population that can’t enjoy a meal at their leisure.

I mean, I haven’t heard a lot about the quarterback that was selected by the Chiefs two slots before Watson’s name was called by my Texans(still krunk), Patrick Mahomes II.  He was raised by a black father who happened to be a professional baseball pitcher.

Don’t get me wrong, there have been articles written about Mahomes II hanging at the major league parks with his pops and there will continue to be mentions of it. I even found a quote from about some jewels that the elder Mahomes dropped on his namesake.

“He gives me advice about how he transitioned into becoming a pro athlete and the work that you actually have to put into it,” Mahomes II said. “Not a lot of people see that when you’re growing up. You don’t get to see that people really have to work hard to become as good as they are. So, for me seeing that as a young age as I’ve grown up, has shown me that I have to work just as hard to get to that level.”

That’s a shining example of a Black father passing vital information onto his son.  All the stories aren’t heartbreaks and headaches.  It may just be me being sensitive, but I don’t see as much eagerness to push out stories of black fathers and sons building the kinds of bonds that result in boys growing into responsible young men.

So I’ll post a few of these positive images just to balance out all of the absentee black father imagery.

You probably recognize most of the athletes in these photos, but there’s probably one that you don’t. The black and white picture on the left is Texans wide out Jaelen Strong with his late father “Big” John Rankin.
Here’s an interview from of the latest Texans 4th round pick Juile’n Davenport.  He spoke about how spending time with his father kept him on the right path.
One of my favorite sports talk radio shows is Sports Talk 790s In The Trenches hosted by former NFL players Greg Koch and N.D. Kalu. I’ve heard N.D. speak on occasion about how his father stressed education and staying upright as a man. So I took it upon myself to reach out to brotha Kalu and ask him how his father influenced his direction and how much did it mean to him to have a father in his​ corner; especially during draft time. Here is his response.
“Man, words can’t express how much of an impact my father has had in my life.  Regarding the draft it was huge because it was such an emotional roller coaster.  Though we see so many great black men who only had their mother’s influence, for me I needed that man to teach me daily what it means to be a man through his words and actions.  I see on so many occasions when black men struggle or don’t get “their way” female like tendencies surface.  One minute I’m being told I could go as high as the 3rd round and then the next minute I’m seeing guys I knew I could out play getting their names called before mine.  Though disappointed, I still would just think about how good it was going to feel making a final roster and my dad’s words etched into my brain telling me that if I’m good enough, it won’t matter where I was drafted. Seeing how proud he was when Ray Rhodes of the Philadelphia Eagles called him and asked to speak to his son in the 5th round made all the gassers, Oklahoma drills and Bull in the Rings worth it!”
I appreciate N.D. for bringing the Trenches to the Corner Store for a few ticks and laying it down honestly like that.  Those are the type of stories that rarely see the light of day.
 Lastly I’d like to post a quote from the aforementioned, and pictured, D’onta Foremen talking about the warm moment he and his father shared when they found out that their favorite team, the Houston Texans, had drafted him in round 3 of the 2017 NFL draft.  This quote is also taken from’s lead writer Deepi Sidhu.
“He was just smiling and saying he was so proud of me,” Foreman said. “It was pretty emotional for him, for all of us honestly – for me being drafted was a dream come true – but for me to be able to be a Texan, his favorite team, is crazy. I’m ready to get to work. I’m looking forward to it. It’s going to be a great journey.”
Unfortunately there are too many stories of young black children growing up without their fathers.  I’m not interested in making any excuses or psychoanalyzing it at the moment.  I just want to say that we as black men in general have to get on the good foot and stay active in the lives of our children.  I’m absolutely positive that there are thousands of stories of us that take up the necessary time with our children, but it never makes a headline.
I’ll be the first to say that my father, my grandfather, my uncles, my older male cousins, some of my big homies, and some of my OGs played major roles in steering me in the right direction.  My goal is to do the same for my Suns, daughters, nieces, nephews, and the other ‘Lil homies that I come across on a daily basis. I’m certain someone will point out that the picture of Shaq is with his step father Phil so in essence his father wasn’t there either. I beg to differ. His father is the MAN that’s smiling right next to him. I commend a MAN who raises another man’s child when that man isn’t MAN enough to carry out his responsibility.
I’m not Elijah Muhammad or Farrakhan, but I agree when they say that it’s up to us to tighten up our own backstroke.  If there’s no pool in the hood then we need to pool our resources and build a pool.

Episode 1 of The New Corner Store Sports Talk Podcast

It’s the middle of the night young world and yes I’m still loitering at my favorite corner store cuz I ain’t got no life.  But really I just came up here to invite u to check out how we popped our proverbial podcast cherry last Friday morning.  Speaking of my boy DC and myself.  It’s just the beginning for our weekly show and we got big plans for that thang.  So if u have an hour to spare give it the once around and get back with us with ur Ish(Shit) Talk or Props. Just get back at us.


He Has Returned Home to Say Goodbye!

Hey Young World.  It’s ya boy 12 and I had to pay homage and bid farewell to one of my favorite dudes to ever put on the pads.  Despite so many people in the city of Houston aka The Tine, declaring that JJ Watt is the greatest Texan ever, I have to admonish you to pump the brakes.  The greatest Texan to ever do it is none other than #80 himself, Andre Johnson.

It’s no secret about how much of a fan boy I am for Dre so  you can keep JJ’s stats, analytics, and awards in your pocket bruh.  He’s #2.  I know it’s only my opinion but today at the Corner Store mine is the only one that matters.  Dre is the G(Texan)OAT, and he has officially been re-signed as a Texan so that he can retire where he belongs. Okay now that I’ve shown you just how objective I am, I’m going to post the link from his contract signing/retirement presser so that y’all can see and hear how a G goes out with style, dignity, and grace.

Andre Johnson: “My career ends here, I am very excited I was able to come back home”

Here are a few photos from what we hope to be a Hall of Fame career and the play I feel defined him as a player.

Rick Smith says that they are planning  a ceremony for Dre in the fall to take place during one of the games.  There should be a statue and Jersey Retirement that goes along with that in my opinion.



Speed Thrills at High School Track Meet!

My dearest young world!!! Glad to see you loitering right along side of ya boy 12 at the Corner Store.  I often laugh at my 5 yr old son, because he’s so obsessed with speed.  He always wants to race me down the sidewalk.  He wants to beat me picking up his toys when it’s time to clean up.  He wants me to drive faster than all of the cars on the road even though he won’t have to pay for my ticket.

I can’t fault him though.  His father(12) has the same guilty pleasure.  I can’t get enough of watching genetically freakish athletes stretch the boundaries of perceived human limitations.  Very few things, and I mean almost nothing, can get me glued to the TV like watching a boxer with quick powerful punches, a hooper with posterizing leaping ability, or just flat out nasty greasy speed baby.

That’s why you’d catch me at random track meets on the regular.  I always want to see who’s gonna be the next Flo Jo or Usain.  I’m so drawn to speed that I often catch myself watching old videos of Jesse Owens shaking up Hitler’s warped world in 1936.  It’s a known fact not to mess with me when my Houston Texans are playing or when it’s time for the 100m, 200m, 4x100m relay, 400m, or 4x400m relay to start during the Olympics.

I really dig speed man.  So today I caught some of the district 13 6A track meet at Pflugerville Senior High.  And did I ever get my speed fix.  I’m not sure if I saw the rebirth of Flo Jo,  but I’m nearly certain that I saw the next Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce.


There’s a young lady by the name of Sydney Washington whose speed not only made me sound off like The Nature Boy Rick Flair’s trademark “Whoooooo”, but the whole crowd was buzzing at how she separated herself(literally and figuratively) from the pack.  Ms Washington won the women’s varsity 100m dash with a blazing time of 11.8, the 200m with a time of 24.7, and a third gold as the 2nd leg of Round Rock Stony Point High’s 4x100m relay.  Her teammate, and little sister, Symone Washington also made a good showing for herself by finishing 2nd in the 100m(11.94) and 200m(24.93) behind Sydney.

Round Rock High’s Ryan O’Keefe was crowned this year’s sprint King by winning the district championship in the 100m(10.72) and 200m(21.87).  He was also 2nd leg of the silver medal winning 4x100m relay.  This young brotha is the real deal.  What’s more exciting is the fact that the top five finishers in the 100m final all ran 10.97 or faster.  Needless to say that some of these phenom’s will be breaking records at the next level real soon.  There were plenty of other standouts like Round Rock McNeil’s Justin Hernandez who’s heading to the Area meet next weekend as the district 13 6A 400m champion(48.76), and I applaud all of the competitors for leaving it all out on the track, but there are simply too many athletes to mention.   So I’ll just leave you with this video of some 100m footage that I caught from my wack camera phone of Mr O’Keefe, Ms Washington, and McNeil’s freshman sprinter Spencer Williams all winning their golds.

And here is the link to the results for every race in today’s district finals.

See U boyz at Area in Marble Falls.  Be eazy and stay eazy


Rivers’ Rant: The Infamous Intro

Brace yourselves. This can get rough!


Get ready for a sports take from a brutally honest, highly opinionated perspective.


What it is, what it was, and what it be like? First things second.  I’m Rivers, a full-time barber, hip-hop snob, movie critic, and all around sports junkie.  For the most part sports will be the topic of discussion. Just a little fun fact, I’m bilingual. Proficient in both English and profanity so there’s going to be some rough language.

Rarely does my crew miss a good round of fisticuffs, a highlight dunk, or the latest one handed catch. Then we proceed to debate the fuck out of each other’s opinions. We all have our own alliances of course, but as for me, I’m a diehard Texans fan. Hell everything Houston. If you ask me ‘The Tyler Rose’ is the hardest running back ever to grace the field. Bum Phillips is a deified saint. Nolan Ryan is the best pitcher ever and I refuse to have the proverbial quarterback G.O.A.T. conversation without Warren Moon.

THE MAN HAD THE WORST RECEIVING CORE IN THE HISTORY OF THE SPORT, I REFUSE TO DEBATE THIS! (Of course I will at the drop of a hat but that’s not the point)

Last but not least Hakeem ‘The Dream’ Olajuwon is the greatest PF of all time. I know what you’re saying, ‘but Rivers Olajuwon was a center’. To that I’d say if you ever stop me again while I’m talking I’ll cut your fucking nuts off!  True, but Tim Duncan practically played center yet he’s listed as PF. Personally, The Dream is the better all around player and I have absolutely no way, other than blind fan devotion, to usurp Kareem Abdul Jabbar of the title of greatest center and possibly player, like they say, *insert Jay Z line*

Brutal honesty is something I pride myself on that and my undying hatred of the Dallas Cowboys and their shitty, ass hat fans and dry wit. Hopefully all will shine through in my prideful prose about sport and the men and women that play. Keep in mind my article will bring politics into play and a whole lot of hypocritical personal feelings. Feel free to check me and call me on my bullshit if you feel I get a little too astray from the real. Seriously though, there are certain times when your personal feelings and convictions change or are challenged in a major way due to new facts so I will vary my opinion from time to time.

I will attempt to be humorously conscious like Muhammad Ali, and Dick Gregory, but brutal like a Mike Tyson uppercut and the Bruce Lee front kick. To quote Bill Russell ‘it’s better to understand than to be understood’  and that’s all I’m going to be seeking from these post. It’s gonna be hard and crushing, unflinching yet at the same time adapting like Sifu Lee says, be water my friend, be water.