Why this brotha got me talkin about golf up in this bar?

Hey young world? I hope your day has been a funky one. I would say I left the corner store to go to this sports bar in ATx to get a drank or 3, but in reality wherever your boy 12 is, the Corner Store is there with me.

But I digress.  After drinking a couple of tall boys of Bell’s Whitestone APA(IPA) and knocking down a shot of Bullet whiskey a cleanly shaven black man comes and sits a couple of seats away from me. I’m watching how LeBron is making Atlanta Hawks’ big man Paul Millsap look like an average sized dude when I know damned well that Millsap is probably the mirror image of the Philistine giant that the shepherd boy David hit in the face with a rock. This brotha starts talking about the Masters at Augusta golf tournament that was on the TV to my far left.

So I asked him was he into golf. He said mostly just the majors. Turned out that he was driving and a friend told him that Sergio Garcia was choking again.


So I joked that Sergio was just pro golf’s Tony Romo. Side note…. I’ve always heard that the recently retired Romo was good enough to possibly be a pro golfer. That’s why he was offered a lucrative salary to put on a suit and tie, instead of the pads, to become a football/golf analyst. I don’t want to stray off topic.

Back to the Sergio and Romo comparison. Besides the fact that they kinda look like 3rd cousins on their Mama’s side, they both were promoted to be the NEXT. U know what I mean. The sports/entertainment world is always looking for the next big thing even when the present big thing is still proving why they are considered the BIG thing.  Like Romo was the next Favre or Amerie was the next Mary J Blige.

At the time of Sergio’s emergence nobody could F with Tiger Tiger Woods Y’all (In my Chris Rock voice).  The golfing world so desperately wanted someone to challenge Tiger and Sergio was the perfect Manchurian candidate.  He was young, talented, charismatic, and not black.

The sport of golf was White Supremacy’s aka Jim Crow sport’s last strong hold on big time professional competition.  Tiger shook a lot of things up even though that was no where near his intention from what I gathered.  He’s far from a freedom fighter, more like a reluctant barrier breaker.  Tiger was more concerned with catching Jack “The Golden Bear” Nicklaus and knockin’ down blondes behind his then wife’s back.

I’m getting off topic again. The Force of the IPA is strong my son.

bells-brewery So, while we were talking about Sergio almost reaching the mountain top just to fizzle at the biggest moment like Romo, the brotha brought up Phil Mickelson.


So again I made a comparison.  I said Phil was the Rick Adelman led Sacramento Kings of Golf. Lefty would have won more during the reign of Eldrick, but Mr. Woods was just too bombaclot dominant. C Webb, Bibby, Peja, and company would have won a few chips in my opinion if they hadn’t run into a prime Shaq, Kobe , and the gang so many times.

Then my A.D.D.( and buzz) made me think of Clyde Drexler’s Portland Trailblazers. That squad would have won multiple rings had they not had to deal with the Bad Boys and MJ’s Bulls. That was a tough and long squad.  Not to mention that The Glyde was arguably the 2nd best shooting guard in the NBA at the time, behind only Jordan.


So my point is that if you want to stay on one topic, then just say no to alcohol before you start to write a sports blog.  Do as I say and not as I do. And oh yeah… Sergio actually won the Masters so now my Romo comparison is now null and void.