The Rockets Are Building a Wall in SE Texas

Look out Young World.  It’s Ya manz 12 broadcasting live from the Corner Store.

I just read an article on about how the Houston Rockets are quietly putting together a nice defensive roster.  I noticed the direction that they were going in a few weeks ago when they were rumored to have traded for the Cleveland Cavaliers’ wing Iman Shumpert after trading for Chris “CP3” Paul, but instead signed P.J. Tucker who has been described as a bigger Patrick Beverly.  Instead of just rehashing the off-season moves that the dream shake covered very thoroughly, I’ll just share the link so that you can see for yourself what the Rockets are building over there in Downtown Houston.

I’m glad that MY Rockets aren’t just waiting around for the Melo deal to manifest itself.  I’ve made it known that Melo is one of my all-time favorite players and I’ll lose my Rockets loving mind if they actually punch this damn thing in ‘cuz they’ve been at the two yard line for a few quarters now, but I’ll be a homerized fool to think that just by adding Melo’s shooting touch and post game will automatically put us in position to beat the Warriors.

The Dubz can not only chuck it, they can pick it too, like they used to say in the Negro Baseball Leagues.  Everyone concentrates on how they put the ball in the hoop from behind the 3 point arc, but very rarely are they complemented by the average fan for the hard nose defense that they play.  It looks like MY Rox are following that same blueprint by bringing in these defensive minded players to help US make a run at this thing.  They have no other choice but to make these moves ‘cuz we all know that they would literally be insane if they thought that doing what D’Antoni has always done will get us to the top of Kilimanjaro.  Hopefully OUR defense will be good enough to earn a playa nickname like some of the NFL’s best defenses have earned.  I know maybe they’ll call US


Now in the name of his highness Hakeem Olajuwon, please finalize this Melo deal so that we can see just how interesting the Western Conference will get.  And of course we’ll be on #LebronWatch2018 after that.

We ain’t never satisfied


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