Is Michael Vick on Point or On That Dope?


Salutations young world.  The proverbial ISH has officially hit the fan once again.  This time it was Michael Vick who picked up the DOG poo and launched it up in the air towards the spinning blades of the social media universe.

So here’s the scoop.  I logged into my Facebook account this morning and visited my 2nd favorite sports group, Man Up H-Town Sports Talk(since The Corner Store Sports Talk Group is my fav), and the 1st thing I saw was “Michael Vick Tells Kaep(Colin Kaepernick) to cut his hair”.  I didn’t even have to read the post to know that he was called all seven species of Coons since that’s the buzzword of the “woke” folk these days.  And I proved myself a prophet when I read the comments and saw that he was branded Procyon Lotor Lotor, Procyon Lotor Maritimus, Procyon Lotor Salutus, Procyon Lotor Litoreus, Procyon Lotor Elucus, Procyon Lotor Inesperatus, Procyon Lotor Auspicatus, Procyon Lotor Varius, and a whole bunch of other Prycon Lotors aka differnt types of raccoons.

I decided to take a listen to the footage from FS1’s Speak For Yourself,  with Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock, aka Fats Fadora or Dub F for short, to see what the man actually said just in case the Coon Goons took what he said out of context and went on the war path.  After all many of these same people wanted to brand Jim Brown with their coon symbol, after meeting with Trump, like he was pledging for their frat or some shit.  Here’s Vick in his own words.


That’s the 1st thing that came out of the brother’s mouth.  I like to be objective in these matters so I refrained from getting caught up in the emotions of the other commentators on this particular Facebook post.  1st of all, I don’t have a huge problem with what Mike said, but I do have a problem with where he said it.  I’m not a fan of black people with a certain amount of notoriety getting on public broadcasting mediums and airing out our differences on matters of race.  Some things just need to be addressed behind closed doors.

Agents like Dub F Whitlock, who routinely bleaches his teeth and shines his tap shoes before putting them on to give his best effort to entertain Missa Charlie, can’t wait for someone to come on his show and down talk what another brother has going on.  If I’m not mistaken, I think I heard him chuckle when Vick 1st said Kaep needed to cut his hair.  That type of stuff just tickles his Uncle Ruckas bone.  If it wasn’t him I’m just gonna say he did it anyway because it sounds like something that he’d dig.  It seems like he feels validated when another melinated person slightly agrees, even unintentionally, with his self-hating self-righteous bloviating(to steal a phrase from Stephen A Smith who’s also been called a coon a time or two by the Goons]).

This reminds me of when Jackie Robinson was asked how he felt about Muhammad Ali’s refusal to be inducted into the United States Army during the Vietnam conflict.

I assume that Jackie Robinson was a Coon too?  Like Vick, I don’t think Mr Robinson should have addressed this issue over the air waves.  I’m quite certain that he could have reached out to Ali and personally shared his views with that man, just like Vick could have done to Kaep, and If they decided to agree to disagree then so it shall be.  Don’t give the racist/oppressive establishment any ammunition to use against another brother or sister if they’re not maliciously hurting anyone. (I would say if they’re not doing anything wrong, but Mr. Ali was actually breaking a law by refusing to step forward when his name was called.  Many people felt that he was in the right however). Mainly due to the fact that they love to stick a microphone and camera in a black person’s face that they know will speak against what the black majority are saying.  It’s like they’re trying to say “Look, it’s not about race.  ‘Insert Black Person’s Name’ doesn’t feel this way.”

Kaepernick, who is now being compared to Muhammad Ali, is the exact opposite.  He has broken no laws, but is being treated as though he has a wrap sheet a mile long.

Charlemagne Tha God, of the Breakfast Club, and former NFL great turned television analyst Shannon Sharpe both felt the need to remind Mr. Vick, who cut his signature braids off and found Jesus, shortly after being indicted on felony charges, that his situation and Kaep’s were two totally different things.


Back, to Vick’s comments…. Again, although I don’t agree with what he said I don’t feel like he went to the depths of coonism.  Not quite Fats Fedora level.  His basic point is that, “Yo Kaep, These white billionaires sign your checks and they don’t like the whole Max Julien look.  It either offends them or intimidates them.”  Kaep responded by tweeting the definition of Stockholm Syndrome.


I don’t think Vick suffers from this affliction.  I simply think that he got the rebel scared out of him when he realized that he could have lost everything that he worked so hard to attain.  Fortunately for him his “good behavior” opened the door for him to get another shot to land on an NFL roster.   Vick’s “stay in line” attitude didn’t just start with his most recent comments.  When it got out that his former Eagles teammate Riley Cooper made racists comments at a concert, Vick was the main voice of “reason” when most of his other black teammates had a serious problem with being in the same locker room as Cooper.

As you heard, Michael Vick also says that he doesn’t think that Kaep isn’t signed because of his national Anthem protest from last season.  He feels that his last two seasons were just not good enough to generate enough interest from NFL teams to send a contract his way.  Well my thoughts are that Vick is either naive as hell or still extremely afraid to upset the NFL brass even though he is officially retired.  He seems to forget that before he signed with the Eagles his previous two seasons weren’t all that fly either.  They were spent in the penitentiary, but Andy Reid gave him a shot when he touched down.  And Blaine Gabbert’s whole career has looked worse than Kaep’s last two seasons.

This whole “cut your hair to appease white America” goes far beyond the professional gridiron landscape.  It’s a real thing man.  I remember back in maybe 2002 I was going to my 2nd interview for a job.  I thought the 1st interview went flawless, but I didn’t have time to get my hair braided before I came to the 2nd one.  Needless to say, I had a nice fluffy picked out Afro on display for this encounter.  I could tell by the way he looked at me that the hair threw him off so I decided to apologize for not getting my hair braided before I came to the interview.  He assured me that it was ok, but he said that it could be a little shorter.  As a matter of fact he felt more comfortable with my Fro than he did with my freshly done corn rows.  In his words my “plaited hair was too ethnic”.  So I know 1st hand how it feels to be told I look too black for a job.  I didn’t get the job by the way.

I’ll close out by saying that even though some people might say or do things that you don’t agree with or appreciate that doesn’t mean that they’re a full blown coon, but for some people like Dub F, the King Coon, if the fedora fits then wear it proudly.