Who U Got In The All Time NFL Draft’s 1st Round?

Greetings to my young world. As always ya boy 12 is loitering at The Corner Store and I’m knocking down a cold craft brew. Had some time to kill and I guess I haven’t got the draft out of my system so I decided to put together the 1st round of an all-time NFL draft. This was off the top of my dome so there are some all-time greats that I didn’t put on here. Also I wanted to pick some badasses from different eras.

What really intrigues me is attempting to guess who will get left out of the 1st round.  So pick your top 32. If u don’t have the time to put them in order then pick who doesn’t get picked in the 1st. If you really got time then I’d like to see you pretend that these players are coming out of college and entering the 2017 draft.  Use this year’s post trades team order and pick for each team in the first. Let me see what you come up with. Here are the players.

Bo Jackson
Barry Sanders
Jim Brown
Tom Brady
John Elway
Joe Montana
Julius Peppers
Reggie White
Bruce Smith
JJ Watt
Jerry Rice
Randy Moss
Anthony Muñoz
Orlando Pace
Willie Roaf
Lawrence Taylor
Ray Lewis
Dick Butkus
Emmit Smith
Brett Favre
Warren Moon
Flozel Adams
Sean Taylor
Ed Reed
Charles Woodson
Andre Johnson
Mean Joe Green
Dan Marino
Randall Cunningham
Bruce Mathews
Peyton Manning
Ronnie Lott
Earl Campbell
Darell Revis
Terell Owens
John Riggins
Mike Singletary

I know I butchered some of the names but F It. I got a buzz and don’t feel like googling their names. U know which I’m talking about.


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