He Has Returned Home to Say Goodbye!

Hey Young World.  It’s ya boy 12 and I had to pay homage and bid farewell to one of my favorite dudes to ever put on the pads.  Despite so many people in the city of Houston aka The Tine, declaring that JJ Watt is the greatest Texan ever, I have to admonish you to pump the brakes.  The greatest Texan to ever do it is none other than #80 himself, Andre Johnson.

It’s no secret about how much of a fan boy I am for Dre so  you can keep JJ’s stats, analytics, and awards in your pocket bruh.  He’s #2.  I know it’s only my opinion but today at the Corner Store mine is the only one that matters.  Dre is the G(Texan)OAT, and he has officially been re-signed as a Texan so that he can retire where he belongs. Okay now that I’ve shown you just how objective I am, I’m going to post the link from his contract signing/retirement presser so that y’all can see and hear how a G goes out with style, dignity, and grace.

Andre Johnson: “My career ends here, I am very excited I was able to come back home”

Here are a few photos from what we hope to be a Hall of Fame career and the play I feel defined him as a player.

Rick Smith says that they are planning  a ceremony for Dre in the fall to take place during one of the games.  There should be a statue and Jersey Retirement that goes along with that in my opinion.



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