Episode 1 of The New Corner Store Sports Talk Podcast

It’s the middle of the night young world and yes I’m still loitering at my favorite corner store cuz I ain’t got no life.  But really I just came up here to invite u to check out how we popped our proverbial podcast cherry last Friday morning.  Speaking of my boy DC and myself.  It’s just the beginning for our weekly show and we got big plans for that thang.  So if u have an hour to spare give it the once around and get back with us with ur Ish(Shit) Talk or Props. Just get back at us.



He Has Returned Home to Say Goodbye!

Hey Young World.  It’s ya boy 12 and I had to pay homage and bid farewell to one of my favorite dudes to ever put on the pads.  Despite so many people in the city of Houston aka The Tine, declaring that JJ Watt is the greatest Texan ever, I have to admonish you to pump the brakes.  The greatest Texan to ever do it is none other than #80 himself, Andre Johnson.

It’s no secret about how much of a fan boy I am for Dre so  you can keep JJ’s stats, analytics, and awards in your pocket bruh.  He’s #2.  I know it’s only my opinion but today at the Corner Store mine is the only one that matters.  Dre is the G(Texan)OAT, and he has officially been re-signed as a Texan so that he can retire where he belongs. Okay now that I’ve shown you just how objective I am, I’m going to post the link from his contract signing/retirement presser so that y’all can see and hear how a G goes out with style, dignity, and grace.

Andre Johnson: “My career ends here, I am very excited I was able to come back home”

Here are a few photos from what we hope to be a Hall of Fame career and the play I feel defined him as a player.

Rick Smith says that they are planning  a ceremony for Dre in the fall to take place during one of the games.  There should be a statue and Jersey Retirement that goes along with that in my opinion.



Speed Thrills at High School Track Meet!

My dearest young world!!! Glad to see you loitering right along side of ya boy 12 at the Corner Store.  I often laugh at my 5 yr old son, because he’s so obsessed with speed.  He always wants to race me down the sidewalk.  He wants to beat me picking up his toys when it’s time to clean up.  He wants me to drive faster than all of the cars on the road even though he won’t have to pay for my ticket.

I can’t fault him though.  His father(12) has the same guilty pleasure.  I can’t get enough of watching genetically freakish athletes stretch the boundaries of perceived human limitations.  Very few things, and I mean almost nothing, can get me glued to the TV like watching a boxer with quick powerful punches, a hooper with posterizing leaping ability, or just flat out nasty greasy speed baby.

That’s why you’d catch me at random track meets on the regular.  I always want to see who’s gonna be the next Flo Jo or Usain.  I’m so drawn to speed that I often catch myself watching old videos of Jesse Owens shaking up Hitler’s warped world in 1936.  It’s a known fact not to mess with me when my Houston Texans are playing or when it’s time for the 100m, 200m, 4x100m relay, 400m, or 4x400m relay to start during the Olympics.

I really dig speed man.  So today I caught some of the district 13 6A track meet at Pflugerville Senior High.  And did I ever get my speed fix.  I’m not sure if I saw the rebirth of Flo Jo,  but I’m nearly certain that I saw the next Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce.


There’s a young lady by the name of Sydney Washington whose speed not only made me sound off like The Nature Boy Rick Flair’s trademark “Whoooooo”, but the whole crowd was buzzing at how she separated herself(literally and figuratively) from the pack.  Ms Washington won the women’s varsity 100m dash with a blazing time of 11.8, the 200m with a time of 24.7, and a third gold as the 2nd leg of Round Rock Stony Point High’s 4x100m relay.  Her teammate, and little sister, Symone Washington also made a good showing for herself by finishing 2nd in the 100m(11.94) and 200m(24.93) behind Sydney.

Round Rock High’s Ryan O’Keefe was crowned this year’s sprint King by winning the district championship in the 100m(10.72) and 200m(21.87).  He was also 2nd leg of the silver medal winning 4x100m relay.  This young brotha is the real deal.  What’s more exciting is the fact that the top five finishers in the 100m final all ran 10.97 or faster.  Needless to say that some of these phenom’s will be breaking records at the next level real soon.  There were plenty of other standouts like Round Rock McNeil’s Justin Hernandez who’s heading to the Area meet next weekend as the district 13 6A 400m champion(48.76), and I applaud all of the competitors for leaving it all out on the track, but there are simply too many athletes to mention.   So I’ll just leave you with this video of some 100m footage that I caught from my wack camera phone of Mr O’Keefe, Ms Washington, and McNeil’s freshman sprinter Spencer Williams all winning their golds.

And here is the link to the results for every race in today’s district finals.


See U boyz at Area in Marble Falls.  Be eazy and stay eazy


Rivers’ Rant: The Infamous Intro

Brace yourselves. This can get rough!


Get ready for a sports take from a brutally honest, highly opinionated perspective.


What it is, what it was, and what it be like? First things second.  I’m Rivers, a full-time barber, hip-hop snob, movie critic, and all around sports junkie.  For the most part sports will be the topic of discussion. Just a little fun fact, I’m bilingual. Proficient in both English and profanity so there’s going to be some rough language.

Rarely does my crew miss a good round of fisticuffs, a highlight dunk, or the latest one handed catch. Then we proceed to debate the fuck out of each other’s opinions. We all have our own alliances of course, but as for me, I’m a diehard Texans fan. Hell everything Houston. If you ask me ‘The Tyler Rose’ is the hardest running back ever to grace the field. Bum Phillips is a deified saint. Nolan Ryan is the best pitcher ever and I refuse to have the proverbial quarterback G.O.A.T. conversation without Warren Moon.

THE MAN HAD THE WORST RECEIVING CORE IN THE HISTORY OF THE SPORT, I REFUSE TO DEBATE THIS! (Of course I will at the drop of a hat but that’s not the point)

Last but not least Hakeem ‘The Dream’ Olajuwon is the greatest PF of all time. I know what you’re saying, ‘but Rivers Olajuwon was a center’. To that I’d say if you ever stop me again while I’m talking I’ll cut your fucking nuts off!  True, but Tim Duncan practically played center yet he’s listed as PF. Personally, The Dream is the better all around player and I have absolutely no way, other than blind fan devotion, to usurp Kareem Abdul Jabbar of the title of greatest center and possibly player, like they say, *insert Jay Z line*

Brutal honesty is something I pride myself on that and my undying hatred of the Dallas Cowboys and their shitty, ass hat fans and dry wit. Hopefully all will shine through in my prideful prose about sport and the men and women that play. Keep in mind my article will bring politics into play and a whole lot of hypocritical personal feelings. Feel free to check me and call me on my bullshit if you feel I get a little too astray from the real. Seriously though, there are certain times when your personal feelings and convictions change or are challenged in a major way due to new facts so I will vary my opinion from time to time.

I will attempt to be humorously conscious like Muhammad Ali, and Dick Gregory, but brutal like a Mike Tyson uppercut and the Bruce Lee front kick. To quote Bill Russell ‘it’s better to understand than to be understood’  and that’s all I’m going to be seeking from these post. It’s gonna be hard and crushing, unflinching yet at the same time adapting like Sifu Lee says, be water my friend, be water.



Why this brotha got me talkin about golf up in this bar?

Hey young world? I hope your day has been a funky one. I would say I left the corner store to go to this sports bar in ATx to get a drank or 3, but in reality wherever your boy 12 is, the Corner Store is there with me.

But I digress.  After drinking a couple of tall boys of Bell’s Whitestone APA(IPA) and knocking down a shot of Bullet whiskey a cleanly shaven black man comes and sits a couple of seats away from me. I’m watching how LeBron is making Atlanta Hawks’ big man Paul Millsap look like an average sized dude when I know damned well that Millsap is probably the mirror image of the Philistine giant that the shepherd boy David hit in the face with a rock. This brotha starts talking about the Masters at Augusta golf tournament that was on the TV to my far left.

So I asked him was he into golf. He said mostly just the majors. Turned out that he was driving and a friend told him that Sergio Garcia was choking again.


So I joked that Sergio was just pro golf’s Tony Romo. Side note…. I’ve always heard that the recently retired Romo was good enough to possibly be a pro golfer. That’s why he was offered a lucrative salary to put on a suit and tie, instead of the pads, to become a football/golf analyst. I don’t want to stray off topic.

Back to the Sergio and Romo comparison. Besides the fact that they kinda look like 3rd cousins on their Mama’s side, they both were promoted to be the NEXT. U know what I mean. The sports/entertainment world is always looking for the next big thing even when the present big thing is still proving why they are considered the BIG thing.  Like Romo was the next Favre or Amerie was the next Mary J Blige.

At the time of Sergio’s emergence nobody could F with Tiger Tiger Woods Y’all (In my Chris Rock voice).  The golfing world so desperately wanted someone to challenge Tiger and Sergio was the perfect Manchurian candidate.  He was young, talented, charismatic, and not black.

The sport of golf was White Supremacy’s aka Jim Crow sport’s last strong hold on big time professional competition.  Tiger shook a lot of things up even though that was no where near his intention from what I gathered.  He’s far from a freedom fighter, more like a reluctant barrier breaker.  Tiger was more concerned with catching Jack “The Golden Bear” Nicklaus and knockin’ down blondes behind his then wife’s back.

I’m getting off topic again. The Force of the IPA is strong my son.

bells-brewery So, while we were talking about Sergio almost reaching the mountain top just to fizzle at the biggest moment like Romo, the brotha brought up Phil Mickelson.


So again I made a comparison.  I said Phil was the Rick Adelman led Sacramento Kings of Golf. Lefty would have won more during the reign of Eldrick, but Mr. Woods was just too bombaclot dominant. C Webb, Bibby, Peja, and company would have won a few chips in my opinion if they hadn’t run into a prime Shaq, Kobe , and the gang so many times.

Then my A.D.D.( and buzz) made me think of Clyde Drexler’s Portland Trailblazers. That squad would have won multiple rings had they not had to deal with the Bad Boys and MJ’s Bulls. That was a tough and long squad.  Not to mention that The Glyde was arguably the 2nd best shooting guard in the NBA at the time, behind only Jordan.


So my point is that if you want to stay on one topic, then just say no to alcohol before you start to write a sports blog.  Do as I say and not as I do. And oh yeah… Sergio actually won the Masters so now my Romo comparison is now null and void.




What in the Hell is a 6th Place Medal?

Tom Hanks made it known in plain English that there is no crying in baseball. Well I want to make it known just as plainly that THERE AIN’T NO SUCH THING AS A 6TH PLACE MEDAL IN A LEGIT TRACK AND FIELD COMPETITION!

Where is all of this coming from? Well a few days ago my 11th grade daughter brought home a medal from her track meet that she participated in on the previous weekend.  I was wondering what the medal was for because I knew she only ran in one event since her other event, the 4x200m relay, was scratched due to a teammate’s injury.

The one event she ran in was the 4x100m relay.  From what I remember there was a bad hand-off that caused them fall behind and cross the finish line in 6th place.  I won’t be petty or passive aggressive and mention that if her coach didn’t switch up their events every week that maybe their relay teams would have better chemistry.

But I’m gonna chill on that and get back on subject.   So my daughter explained to me that the medal was for that 6th place finish. My response was “it don’t count.” Does that make me a bad father?

I don’t think so.  Let me explain. I continuously hear red blooded American sports fans complain about the wussification of America and in this instance I couldn’t agree more.  I haven’t seen a participation ribbon since my last field day at Horne Elementary.  That was 30 years ago.

In track and field there are 3 possible medal placements; Gold, Silver, and Bronze. There is no fourth(copper), fifth(lead), and damn sure no 6th place(Asphalt) medalists. In other words the hosts of this meet decided it would be cool to take these athletes back to elementary and give them participation ribbons.


If you didn’t do good enough to place in the top 3 then you don’t get a medal. That’s the rules. If you don’t medal then hit the track a little harder at practice and go for it again next meet. Dig?

Now by no means was I belittling my daughter’s efforts, and she knows this. I’m very proud of her for busting her butt everyday after school to shave a few milliseconds off of her best times no matter what place she gets in the meet. I’m proud of her for sticking to what she started even though her legs and feet are aching after every practice.

She also knows that I won’t tip toe through the tulips and pussyfoot around with her when it comes to telling her the real. The world don’t hand out participation ribbons.

The world only rewards winners. The land lord doesn’t want to hear “I’m sorry for not having my rent this month Mr Jones, but I tried my best. I gave it a good go.” They want results. They want their bread.

Highschool sports help prepare student athletes for society.  I still utilize the many lessons that I learned from playing football in school.  The main lesson that I carry on is that even if you don’t like your teammates, or y’all come from different backgrounds eleven players have to be on one accord every play or you’ll get the hell beat out of you. That applies to my modern day life as a forty year old involved in leading crews on job sites.

Sports also help young men and women deal with success and failure. It prepares them for wins and losses in life. It shows them that even though you lost the game(job), match(repossession),  or race(relationship), you can still lace up your shoe strings and go at it again.

A loss ain’t the end of the world and a win don’t make you a champion for life. You gotta defend the title or someone will take your spot.

I feel that we are doing our future generations a disservice by painting a false picture of what real life is actually like. I know I sound like “get off my lawn you young punk” guy but this hipster generation ain’t got the grit of the old school.

Give your child a hug and some encouraging words for doing their best and coming in 6th place, not a medal.


WM 33: One Last Ride with The Deadman

What a night it was! I’m still marking out over everything that went down – including the stage & ramp. WrestleMania 33 from the Citrus Bowl in Orlando, Florida was more than the ‘ultimate thrill ride’ they advertised. It was an amusement park packed with ride after ride of Mania sized moments we’ll be talking about for years to come.

Here is a look back at the action – don’t worry, I skipped the Pitbull performance last night and I’ve done so again here.

AJ Styles vs. Shane-O-Mac

We started off our ‘trip in the park’ with a ride we knew would not disappoint. Trashcans came out, Shane went flying off top ropes & through a table, per usual, but Styles was just too much for Shane to overcome in the end. It was a nicely worked match and a great way to start things off.

Is there anyone better overall in the ring right now than AJ Styles? He’s truly phenomenal. I don’t get tired of watching his matches. The guy can do it all.

Kevin Owens vs. Chris Jericho (U.S. Title Match)

In the first title match of the night, KO-Mania 2 got off to a bit of a win-dy start. Is anyone tired of this feud yet? (No one raises hand) GOOD. Cause neither am I! The foiled friendship provided us with a solid match and left Jericho a finger (or knuckle) away from walking away with the United States Championship belt. Instead, all he walked away with was that awesome light-up scarf of his, which we should all acknowledge isn’t all that bad of a consolation prize, right?

KO took the belt from Jericho like he promised his EX BFF he would and has now held every belt except a tag-title in his short WWE career. KO-Mania is real and to that I say – Fight Owens Fight!

Bayley vs Sasha Banks vs Nia Jax vs Charlotte (Raw Women’s Title Match)

I really enjoyed how this one started off. Nia’s physically imposing style took over and it was awesome. I thought it was the equity that her character needed and it made complete sense to have the other three ladies pile up (literally) against her just to get the 1-2-3. I thought that was really well done and smartly written but then the rest of it seemed a bit lackluster. I was hoping to see a bit more from The Boss but I got a feeling she’ll be..turning, things around here soon.

Bayley dropped a Macho-Man inspired elbow from the top ropes to beat Charlotte and retain her championship – spoiler alert: she was the only Champ to do so when WM 33 ended. Kudos to her for overcoming Charlotte and for the elbow on the 30th anniversary of Macho-Man vs. Ricky Steamboat at WrestleMania 3. Macho-Man would have dug it – ooo yeaahhh!

Hardy Boyz Return!

I’m not even going to title this one as it should be, there is no other way to explain what might be the Mania Moment of the night for many. I still have chills from hearing that familiar bass-line hit in the Citrus Bowl last night. Talk about a POP!

A ladder match at WrestleMania is like rolling out the red carpet for the Hardy Boyz. It is THEIR match. We all got worked on this one from the moment we were told The New Day would be hosts of WrestleMania 33, and no one could figure out why.

There was nothing S-A-W-F-T about this match, ask Cesaro. All four teams were great but the Hardy Boyz reminded everyone they are on another level of extreme and no one does it like them. It’s going to be great to have them back. The Tag-Team Division on Raw is going to be fun to watch. I’m still smiling as big as Matt Hardy was on the turnbuckle after this one. What a return! The Hardy Boyz are Raw Tag Champs!

The Cena’s vs. Maryse & The Miz

What an amazing moment for John Cena & Nikki Bella. It only makes sense for it all to happen this way for these two. We see so much of their lives unfold in front of the camera, why not this moment too? I thought the match was pretty good in it’s own right and can’t help but enjoy Maryse & The Miz as a heel duo. But I’m a bit bias because..Maryse. 

Queue up the wedding dress drama! Congrats again to John & Nikki!

Seth Freakin’ Rollins vs Triple H (Unsanctioned Match)

The Game was off of his game in the beginnings of this one (per Michael Cole) and Seth’s knee didn’t show any problems until Triple H took a steel chair to it. Add on a couple self-imposed moments of anguish and The Cerebral Assassin had Rollins doing his best Dolph Ziggler, “my knee hurts really badly” impersonation, leaving his ability to walk out of WrestleMania altogether at question around the announcers table. Speaking of tables, things took a crashing turn when Stephanie interjected herself into the action.

After knocking his wife off of the apron and crashing through a table via a super-kick from The Kingslayer, Triple H turned right into a Pedigree for the 1-2-3. Seeing Stephanie crash through a table was the only thing that could rattle the Assassin and even the playing field for Rollins just long enough to take advantage of a distracted husband.

The Kingslayer came out with a flame in hand to set fire to the kingdom and he did exactly that. Perhaps its time for Triple H to send the big Samoan after Rollins while he attends to his ailing wife for a bit as we head towards Payback on April 30th. 

Randy Orton vs Bray Wyatt (WWE Championship Match)

I was excited to see this one, I really enjoyed the development leading up to it and through the Rumble, but it fell flat to live up to expectations for me. Like Bradshaw said during the match, “there’s seventy-thousand people here that don’t know what to make of this”, and nor did I at home. I mean..I get it. Bray can get in the minds of his opponent by walking around backwards on his hands & feet, but whatever happened to just letting him be a good wrestler? He’s talented enough and his character has the crowd captivated, does he have to have all of this sorcery floating around just to win? It just seems a bit over thought to me and kind of broke up the rhythm to me.

Nonetheless, RKO got the win – outta nowhere! Wyatt couldn’t control the voices in Orton’s head anymore and Orton found himself walking out of WrestleMania 33 as a 13-time Champ.

Goldberg vs Lesnar (Universal Championship Match)

It took Goldberg 86 seconds to beat Lesnar for the belt at Survivor Series last year and set all of this in motion. Luckily this match took a bit longer than that, not even counting Goldberg’s walk to the ring. Given the history of their WrestleMania matches, I think we were all assuming this could be a far worse showing than it was, but in my opinion I thought it was actually really well worked and the crowd was into it. It took 10 (TEN! TEN! TEN!) suplexes by Lesnar to beat the biggest obstacle in his career and I thought it was a great way to have this one end. Lesnar had to dig deep (and jump pretty high) to overcome Goldberg and balance out all of the hype the Universal Champ had coming into this one. 

Enjoy the time off in Suplex City, Goldberg!

Smackdown Women’s Championship Match

I’ll make this as quick as all of their intros were, combined. Congrats Naomi, that was an awesome moment at home in O-town for you. I love Becky and Alexa’s ring presence and I think both can carry bigger matches for Smackdown’s Women’s Divison. We all started ‘feeling the glow’ of this one a while back and it was pretty apparent how it would end. Again, congratulations to Naomi!

P.S. I still don’t know what Alexa Bliss had on the back of her vest when she was walking down the ramp and turned around to show it off, I was Bliss-fully distracted 🙂

Undertaker vs Roman Reigns

In what will most likely go down as the most memorable moment from WrestleMania 33 after all the dust settles, we were treated to a great match between Taker and Reigns. It was the first time these two matched up together one-on-one and I can’t say I was disappointed, until the end when Taker was put down for the final count. It was the inevitable ending we all saw coming to what is without any doubt a Hall of Fame career. I don’t think many could predict Reigns would get the win or wanted to even say it aloud for fear that it may come true, but it did, and no boos for the overly hated Reigns were loud enough to stop it. He did a great job of working this match with Taker (minus what I thought was a failed attempt at a Tombstone on Taker at one point). Maybe this will be enough to change some people’s outlook on his in-ring abilities moving forward, but I have my doubts.

Undertaker took the business to another level. He was truly a phenom and like no one else when he came onto the scene. For the first time I could see the age on Taker last night but it wasn’t until he sat up off the mat after giving it all he had for the WWE Universe one last time, and for that I am thankful. His final exit was as appropriate and fitting for a character as it gets. The bell tolled for the final time and he went back into that dark hole in which he came out of in 1990 at Survivor Series.

It will always be your yard, Undertaker. Thank you, and may you retire..in…peaaccceeee.

-M.A. Double