The Greatest Week In Entertainment… According To The Universe…

IMG_5074This week is just another week to some, but to a select group of folks this week is the greatest week of the year. This week is the final week before Wrestlemania. We are just a few days away from one of the biggest events ever created in history.

Regardless of your opinion on pro-wrestling, every year a stadium is filled to the brim with tens-of-thousands of loyal fans who have bounded the globe just to attend this illustrious event. It is without a doubt pro-wrestling’s show of the year. Just as baseball has the World Series and the NFL has the SuperBowl, Wrestling has Wrestlemania. All of these events have a lot in common when you start to compare them, but the one thing that stands out to me the most is the fact that most fans would buy a ticket to these events without even knowing who will be participating.

It’s the biggest stage that pro-wrestling has to offer in this day & age and with the WWE network being the catalyst for this program you will be overloaded with content in the buildup to the Showcase of the Immortals. Monday and Tuesday belong to Raw & Smackdown. Tuesday night is #205 live. Wednesday is NXT and Friday is the Hall of Fame ceremony. (Only on the WWE Network) Now that is a week full to the brim with wrestling content. If you’re hungry for more we are just getting started as the weekend brings only bigger and better entertainment. Saturday is NXT Takeover Orlando and Sunday is the headliner Wrestlemania 33. That is six out of seven days with live events. Not to mention WWE Axcess, which is an autograph/meet & greet session with WWE superstars from the past & present.

So if you find yourself sitting around the house this weekend looking for something to watch, you can sign up for the WWE network and get all of this and more for free. If after reading this you’re as pumped up as I am then don’t hesitate to punch your ticket on the ultimate thrill ride. Coming to you live from Orlando, Florida host of the greatest week of the year! Just ask anyone that claims to be a member of the WWE Universe.

– DC

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