Would You Rather Wednesday

Peace Fam. Today I was assigned to write the Would You Rather questions for my favorite radio sports talk show In The Trenches on Houston’s Sports Talk 790. ND Kalu, Greg Koch, and their intern will be reading my questions live on air and giving their honest opinions on which way they’ll walk when they reach the metaphorical fork in the road. So check out their show and take some time to answer my questions right here at the Corner Store.


Ken Griffy Jr and Mike Piazza were inducted into the baseball hall of fame. If the playing fields were level in regards to hitting and defensive talent, would you rather draft an outfielder or catcher 1st over all?


With Michael Jordan breaking his silence on race relations and violence and all of the other pro athletes that have been expressing their feelings about the violence, would you rather have your superstars stay silent and do the community work behind the scenes or use their fame as a platform to speak out?


With Josh Gordon being reinstated and Greg Hardy looking for work,knowing their issues, if your team was in need of a DE and WR would you rather have Hardy or Gordon?


Would you rather go the Astros route and bottom out for a few years before becoming perennial championship contenders or the Rockets route and try the plug and play philosophy with mostly free agent acquisitions to stay competitive?


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