Would You Rather Wednesday

Peace Fam. Today I was assigned to write the Would You Rather questions for my favorite radio sports talk show In The Trenches on Houston’s Sports Talk 790. ND Kalu, Greg Koch, and their intern will be reading my questions live on air and giving their honest opinions on which way they’ll walk when they reach the metaphorical fork in the road. So check out their show and take some time to answer my questions right here at the Corner Store.


Ken Griffy Jr and Mike Piazza were inducted into the baseball hall of fame. If the playing fields were level in regards to hitting and defensive talent, would you rather draft an outfielder or catcher 1st over all?


With Michael Jordan breaking his silence on race relations and violence and all of the other pro athletes that have been expressing their feelings about the violence, would you rather have your superstars stay silent and do the community work behind the scenes or use their fame as a platform to speak out?


With Josh Gordon being reinstated and Greg Hardy looking for work,knowing their issues, if your team was in need of a DE and WR would you rather have Hardy or Gordon?


Would you rather go the Astros route and bottom out for a few years before becoming perennial championship contenders or the Rockets route and try the plug and play philosophy with mostly free agent acquisitions to stay competitive?


Black Lives Matter to Black Athletes

Usually I start my blogs off by saying something like “What it is World”, but we know what it is these days.  The great divide of America is what it is.  Don’t get it twisted, I’m not saying that this divide is something new.  America has always been divided, but too many people want to front like there’s this unbreakable solidarity that makes us Americans.

All I’m pointing out is that the divide is more apparent than it has been in recent memory.  It’s being broadcast on every news outlet that you can think of.  It’s the lead story.  It’s the biggest link on the web page.  Unlike Gil Scott-Heron’s vision of the revolution, The great divide has been televised!

Black athletes are starting to express their frustrations and displeasure with the murders of black men, women, and children at the hands of police officers from all over the country.  Recently New York Knick’s star small forward called out other athletes to take a stand and speak out against these acts of violence.  He asked them to stop worrying about losing endorsements and PC points, but instead use their celebrity to bring awareness to the fact that all violence needs to be put in check.

At this year’s ESPY’s awards Clipper point guard Chris Paul, new Bull’s guard Dwayne Wade, and Cleveland’s superstar forward Lebron James joined Anthony to take a public stand against the chaos.  I commend these men for putting people over prosperity during these difficult times.


There’s a lot of distrust between the black community and the police that are paid to protect us and this is not a recent phenomenon.  It’s no secret that we have been the footstool of the criminal justice system in America since our emancipation from chattel slavery.  As a matter of fact the constitution states that,

The Thirteenth Amendment
Passed by Congress January 31, 1865. Ratified December 6, 1865.

Section 1.
Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for CRIME whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction”.
Slavery was very profitable and the US economy was hit with a vicious blow to the jaw when Lincoln decided that it was best for his union to free what was then their economic life’s blood.  Trumped up charges started to come from every direction to keep blacks in servitude so that free labor could remain legal.  That’s another story.
The People’s Party aka The Black Panthers was formed as  a response to police brutality in black neighborhoods across the country.  Their primary function was to police the police by using legal measures.  They are often painted as a hate group that intended to kill whitey, but that’s a ball face lie.  They never went looking for anyone.  They only wanted to protect their community from the abuse that white police officers, whom they called pigs because they couldn’t legally cuss them out in public, handed out all too frequently.
The Black Lives Matter movement was formed as a response to murders and acquittal of police officers and vigilantes after they murdered several unarmed African Americans over the past few years.  They have also gotten a bad rap because a few people wearing BLM shirts have preached and/or acted out in violence towards police.  This does not represent the attitude of the entire BLM movement just like one psychopath with a rifle that aims to kill Muslims and Jews in the name of his Christ doesn’t mean that all Christians are mass murderers.
That’s like saying that all police hate all black people because an unknown percentage of them have the desire to use deadly force against us whenever they get a free shot.  I’ve been harassed and profiled more times than I would like to remember, but I know for a fact all  cops aren’t out to get me.  I’ll go a step further and say that all WHITE cops don’t have me in their scope’s cross hairs.  Some may actually have my best interest in mind.  I won’t know until we cross each other’s paths.
Some cops just want to do their jobs and go home to their families.  I can respect that, but those officers are the main ones that can do something about this notion that all cops have it in for Black People.  Those are the officers that can speak out against the murders and the lack of prosecution that we see over and over again when it comes to justice being served.  Then some people expect us to just accept it because the court carried out “due process”.  Bull Shit!  The courts have wrongly convicted so many black people since the issuance of the 13th amendment that we have no reason to blindly decisions as the most wise.
If officers start to speak out against their contemporaries that cross that line, then maybe we will start feeling like they are not all in the same gang.  We will start feeling like the code is more important than human life.  The rogue pigs make decent hard working officers look bad and that’s just the way of the world.  The good officers should denounce them instead of turning their backs on us and our feelings like the cops in Minnesota did during the Lynx players protest.
The off duty officers decided it would be better to leave their posts in the arena because some players wore BLM shirts than to stand in solidarity and protest the violence against citizens and officers alike.  That doesn’t look to us like the police want mend the rift between us and them.  Their actions only further promoted the idea that it’s us verses them.  I haven’t heard anyone call them out on that, but they are quick to call out athletes when they anti-law enforcement tweets.  It’s all wrong.
lynx front
lynx back
In closing I think honest dialogue and wrong doers being held accountable by their contemporaries will do wonders in closing the great divide.  It may never go away because this country’s ground is soaked with native American and kidnapped African blood.  It’s had slaves, indentured servants, and immigrants thrown in concentration camps.  These facts can’t be denied, but so many people want to deflect the real issues and throw other points out there that has nothing to do with what the initial gripe is about.
They bring up black on black crime when we complain about white cops killing black people.  I say what about it!  Black people get prosecuted for killing other black people.  The prisons are full of black people that killed another black person.  One guy on twitter told me that he never sees rallies when black on black murders happen.  I asked him where the hell he’s been.  The stop the violence movement has been an ongoing thing.  Just because we don’t promote it to the white media doesn’t mean that we are not constantly organizing to correct our internal issues like black on black crime.
Do white people come to our communities and tell us everything they are doing to keep the peace in their circles? Hell no.  That doesn’t mean that it ain’t happening.  I also told this same dude that sometimes an act of violence on a black person that was perpetrated by another black person is often handled in house.  Just like in the old school Kung-Fu movies when a man’s master is murdered by rivals the bad ass star avenges the act of violence by employing some of his own violence.  The same happens in the black community. This know it all told me that I was incorrect.  We don’t have retaliation killings in the “hood”. Huh?
Bottom line is that there things that we all can do to reconcile this deadly beef or at least reel it in a little before more blood is shed in the streets of America.  I mean, I’m scared to let my son out of my site at times.  I made a cop flinch yesterday just by walking behind him at a subway to get some cookies.   It’s real out there.  I’m just glad some high profile athletes like Anthony, Paul, Wade, and James are taking it upon themselves to make people take notice. Peace