Rest In Peace & Power Phife Dawg

A brotha of mine penned his thoughts on Phife and Tribe. Check the Blog Y’all.


phifedawgrip doneWarning: this is personal, this is not meant to be politically correct and im nor willing do debate my opinion here. This is strictly my feelings on this matter.

Written by Mirage512:

A Tribe Called Quest is my favorite group of all time. Tribe came along at the perfect time in my life, I was so open to the style of music that they brought. The sound seemed to speak to me where i was and it grew with me as I grew. They were not the first to use jazz samples in their  music but i will say that they were some of the best to do it. 

From the first time I saw “I left my wallet in El Segundo” I knew that Q-Tip was the clear leader of the group but his brilliance needed his rhyme partner PhifeDawg, it was the perfect contrast of style. Tip…

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