Discount Double Standard

My video covered much of what I wanted to say on the topic, before my phone froze up on me, so I won’t elaborate any further on the topic.  I’ll just post a few videos that relate…

This is a portion of a letter that Joe Louis wrote about his relationship with Jack Johnson…

“Jack Johnson, after decades of boasting and white-womanizing and running from the law, thought he was going to bring his fat old ass into my championship camp and take center stage. I told Johnson what my people told him: get the hell away from us. We don’t like your style, we don’t like your mouth, we don’t want your problems and you’re not going to give us any. When he realized he was back on the street, Johnson began calling me Uncle Tom and saying I had a glass jaw and he’d have killed me. I would’ve given him the Schmeling treatment if he’d been around. I really didn’t need to, though. People on Harlem streets more than once punched him for insulting me. I loved hearing that.

Unlike Johnson I wanted a clean image. And I had one. I kind of kept it, too

And I was right.  Joe was born in Alabama.  He’s listed as a Detroit fighter so I was a bit confused when I recorded this video about that particular subject.

Here’s another video about Muhammad Ali confronting a white woman about wanting an arrogant nigger to stay in his place.  I don’t think that this particular woman was going there but when he heard her say something about him being arrogant it set him off.  I think he heard all of those other white people from past experiences coming out of her mouth.

Bottom line is that most white people don’t understand or give a damn about Black/African heritage and they want all of us to live according to their cultural perceptions.  That’s where the “good negro” concept came from. The bigger problem is that most black people don’t know or give a damn about our own heritage and so we can’t refute the ignorant statements that come our way.  As I said in the video, it’s mostly an older generational thing and the white people that grew up in the hip hop culture are much less likely to have these types of feelings because they have interacted within the cultural framework and see how it goes down. Like Stephen A said, nobody got a problem with Aaron Rogers doing his choreographed “Discount Double Check” move after he scores or psycho Tom going crazy after a celebration so the double standard is absolutely in effect.  As for the “stay in your place and be a good negro” mentality goes I have three words for you….”FUCK THAT SHIT”.

12 says Do U Caaaaaaaaammmmm!