Are You A Hater If Floyd Mayweather’s Not Your Flavor?

Let me get this right… Anyone who is not a fan or even willing to proclaim Floyd as TBE is a hater? I keep reading boyz calling everybody haters in regards to Mayweather. I’m a fan of Floyd’s because I can appreciate how proficient his technical boxing skills are. But I can also see why many boxing fans don’t like him. He’s not very exciting offensively these days. He doesn’t engage much. He counters and pot shots but he’s great at it. Many,not all, of his fans are Floyd fans and not boxing fans,or at least not b4 watching Money, and are only caught up in the Myth of Money May. They have been charmed by a brilliant self promoter that always wins. By blindly supporting him they feel like winners by association. I say again I can appreciate what he does but I can’t call somebody a hater or say that they don’t know boxing just because his style doesn’t excite them. But I also don’t agree with not giving him the credit that an all time great deserves. He’s often called a runner by his detractors but I don’t see him as a runner at all. Lamont Peterson loss to Danny Garcia, even though he out boxed Garcia, because he was too caught up in being elusive that he forgot to swing back after making Danny Swift miss. That’s running.  Erislandy Lara made the same mistake against Saul “Canelo” Alvarez.  He spent 2 rounds dodging Canelo’s advances without returning fire. Canelo won a couple of rounds on his own merit with great body shots, but ultimately Canelo accused Lara of running in the translated post fight interview.  I think the judges thought he was running too. In Mayweather’s case, yes he’s very elusive but he hardly evey dodges without throwing and landing a counter. He did more of that against Pacman but it’s not his norm. Floyd leads with a straight right or jab then waits for a counter from his opponent before stepping back and throwing his own counter check hook or straight right. He’s not a volume puncher like Pacman but he does fire off shots while applying some of the best defensive footwork in boxing history. He studies his craft and schools his opponents. Money employed a strategy that simply neutralized Manny’s offense. He smothered combinations by stepping forward when Manny rushed in with his usual flurries and he stepped back and countered when Pacman lunged in with the intention of landing that one big punch. Once again, he’s no runner. He may not rev your engine or make you feel like you got your “Money’s worth” and that’s perfectly understandable, but he wins. So my question is.. What actually makes someone a “hater”?


One thought on “Are You A Hater If Floyd Mayweather’s Not Your Flavor?

  1. Great piece! Honestly, I haven’t really been a boxing fan since the days of Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield, so I don’t know much. I read some of the same commentary as you regarding the Mayweather fans and those who aren’t fans. He’s a winner, yes, but I don’t think he’s the best ever either. I think people get caught up in the hype and his flawless record. It’s amazing that someone can never lose, BUT that doesn’t automatically make them the best ever. If I raced against 2nd graders all the time, could I call myself the best runner ever? IJS…You have to pay attention to his boxing opponents.

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