Race vs Culture…Was Brandon Boykins accusing Chip Kelly of Racism?

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly is in the news again for what the news outlets are deeming accusations of racism. Former Eagle Brandon Boykins, who was recently sent packing, had this to say about his former boss..

“He can’t relate and that makes him uncomfortable,” Boykin said. “He likes total control of everything, and he don’t like to be uncomfortable. Players excel when you let them naturally be who they are, and in my experience that hasn’t been important to him, but you guys have heard this before me.”

Immediately the headlines started showing up… “Kelly called racist by another player” “Kelly accused of racism again” etc  For the most part I’ve seen that the Black and White segments of society have polar opposite viewpoints based on our different societal experiences.  Like I’ll probably be called racist for making that previous statement.  Which brings up my point.  Most of these people don’t even know what racism is.  Black people are so used to being the victims of racism that some of us just got lazy and started attributing every instance that we don’t like to racism.  But the simple fact is that sometimes we “fuck up” as human beings and we have to pay the price for it, just like everyone else on earth.  I’m not going to tap dance and say that “ain’t no racism in Merica!” but I wont let us slide by acting like some of us don’t cry wolf in regards to racists issues.

On the other side of that Honest Abe copper penny, white people are always on the defensive because they are tired of being called racist or walking on egg shells for fear of being called racist; or feeling like they have to justify themselves because some of their ancestors owned slaves, that they go to the “Hey, Africans sold their own people to the white slave traders” or “That’s reverse racism” “You’re playing the race card” etc.

Anyway, my point is that racism fueled America from it’s inception and now racism is tearing it apart right in front of our smart phone loving eyes because we don’t truly understand it.  Boykins used the word “culture” and not race.  He may have meant race but that’s not what he said.  The articles went as far as to put words in his mouth by saying things like, “Boykins was insinuating, like former teammate Shady McCoy, that Kelly doesn’t like black people”.  He never said that. You media cats took the word culture and made it race.  That’s why so many Bible readers are confused because someone decided to take certain Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek words that were written in those scriptures and change them to another word during translation in order to make it fit a certain mood or agenda.  Look up how the King James version came to be and you’ll see what I mean.  That version was translated in a way to serve the King’s political agenda.

We all know that one word can change the entire mood of a sentence or paragraph.  We have to be careful about taking what somebody typed in a text and telling the world what that person absolutely meant if you haven’t talked to them to get a grip on their tone.  Text’s are misinterpreted all of the time.  Like I said, Boykins may have meant race but he said culture.  There’s a difference.

I went to a high school that was racially and culturally diverse.  I’ll just talk about the black students in this instance..  I grew up in a low income neighborhood, aka the hood, and we were bused to a school in the burbs.  There were plenty of black families that moved out to the burbs when their financial situations were on par with the cost of living in that area.  So I went to school with black students, that I’m still good friends with, that were not from the same environment as me. If anything they related more so with the white students that grew up in the same area as them than they did with black students from the hood.  There was a cultural difference.  The school treated them different than they did us.  The school admins knew that we were from Carverdale before we got there and they had gang files on us and everything even though we weren’t a gang.  They were already on the defensive because they didn’t know how to deal with “urban students”.  They never really encountered our types before.  They only heard about us and the reviews were not very favorable.  They knew the suburban black students.  They saw them grow up in their elementary and middle schools.  Their parents were in the pta.  I witnessed the difference first hand.  They were not comfortable with young black men and women from “the hood” but they were fine with the suburban black kids.

It’s perfectly reasonable that Boykins meant this and not racism against all blacks.  All blacks are not the same.  Blacks from Africa have a complete different cultural upbringing than blacks in Texas.  Same genetic make up but different social upbringing.  There is a such thing as the “good negro” complex.  Black folks that acted in an acceptable manner were considered and called “good Negros” by whites.  Those that would not play the game were called some names that are not too acceptable these days.  Same thing goes for today. Some whites are fine with black people being around them but they don’t want the broken English, sagging pants, rap lyric singing types because it makes them uncomfortable or in some cases afraid.  That’s a cultural thing.

Remember when Ryan Mallet was being accused of acting too black?  That’s a cultural thing.  Mallet is a 6’7 blondish white man who in no way can be mistaken for black unless you are talking to him on the phone.  Obviously he grew up around some black folk that influenced him culturally.  I grew up with a few of those white kids.  They culturally identified more closely with blacks from the hood than whites from the burbs or trailer parks because they lived in our hood.  Again “CULTURE”!

This is getting a bit long but I felt that it needed to be addressed.  Quit taking off with “racism” when it’s not necessarily the case.  I haven’t spoken to Boykins so I can’t tell you what this text meant or didn’t mean, but this is the perfect incident to highlight how a misinterpretation can be taken as gospel when misinformation is put out there.


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