Could Mayweather Jr V Berto Play Out Like Balboa Vs Drago?

I saw a couple of pics on twitter showing the different methods of healing that each of the participants in the Sept 2015 bout utilizes. Floyd does his cryo in a $40,000 cryogenic machine. Berto simply sits in a huge trash can full of ice and water. The trash can, ice, and water probably doesn’t cost more than $20.  Some people probably think that Andre Berto isn’t worth more than a dub spot Aka $20 himself. These two pics may be a metaphor for what type of fighter each is. Even though Berto was a world champ himself some fans feel like he actually belongs in a trash can.  They think he’s garbage.  And that big smile on his face insinuates that he feels right at home in a waste receptacle.

Anyway the 1st thing I thought about when I saw those pics was Rocky IV.  I thought about Ivan Drago training in a hi-tech facility with machines hooked up to him to measure every increment of progress that’s able to be recorded.  Berto’s picture remimds me of Rocky Balboa training out in the frozen Russian wilderness lifting carts, chopping wood, and running in 18 inch snow up a mountain.

Not sure how the whole fight will pan out but I hope it’s a good one. I hope Berto brings his A game. I hope Berto puts Floyd on his ass so the boxing world will have a good shake up and all of these undefeated record worshippers will have a wake up call.  I’m a big fan of Mayweather but I think his claim of TBE is being overblown by his pop culture fans that know absolutely nothing about boxing history.

Most likely Floyd will dominate Andre technically and will retire with his 0 intact but it’ll be sweet if Berto could pull out the Balboa-esque victory and give us a new topic to scream at each other about.



12 seen too many movie

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