The Rockets Got Their Man?

We don’t know if the Rockets Republic will be led by Ty Lawson or not.  We don’t know if he wants to be here in the Tine.  We don’t know if his recent DUIs are a sign of a serious drinking problem or is he just that unlucky or profiled guy that attracts the attention of law enforcement officers after having a couple of drinks.  Realistically, everyone that leaves a bar can be cited for DUI.  He just so happens to be the one that gets stopped.  Guys with prior DUIs are profiled by the police as possibly driving drunk.So he may have a problem or he may just need to get him a driver if he wants to knock down a couple of shots off of the court.

We don’t know if he’s the man that can drive the little red corvette that is the Rockets offense but his skills definitely fit what we need.  He gets to the cup and draws the d in to him.  He’s a solid finisher at the basket and he has excellent court vision for the cutting teammate.  He keeps his dribble alive until the last possible second which gives teammates time to shake free from the watchful eye of the man defending them.

He has a nice step back J.  He’s very shifty and causes players to leave their feet when he gives them a head fake giving himself opportunities for the frequent and1.  Lastly he likes to push the tempo.  His style of play would fit in good with what my squad already does.  Is he the answer?  Who knows?  But it damn sure looks like the Rockets got our man.

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