Somebody please bury the Cute athlete

Where U Been? We have a hot topic at the corner store.

Just saw a post where Adrien “the Problem” Broner was late to a press conference because he wasn’t going to leave wherever he was until his assistant brought him back a Gucci shirt.  To make it worse he bragged about it.  His boy tried to cover it up by saying that they had plane trouble but Broner came on behind him and “told the truth”.  I’ve often said that Broner is more flash than substance but he aint the only one.  This current generation of athletes/entertainers is flooded with those types.

All of these cute boxers talking shit and show boating in the ring end up looking crazy when their opponents are standing there with their hands raised after the announcer reads off the judges decisions.  Judges don’t like excessive show boating and from what I can tell, neither do the fans.  The problem is that these guys want to emulate Muhammad Ali.  The Godfather of boxing trash talk.  The ultimate self promoter.  The self proclaimed “Greatest”. What these boxers don’t seem to understand is that Ali was an outstanding boxer well before he took on the personality of a professional wrestler.  He had an unblemished amateur record that ended with a gold medal in the 1960 olympics in Rome.  He had God given hand and foot speed that no other heavyweight champ had ever posessed before him.  He was 6’3 with long arms and bull’s eye accuracy. He was vey disciplined in regards to his diet.  He had a work ethic that surpassed the expectations of his legendary trainer Angelo Dundee.  And most importantly, HE HATED TO LOSE!!!

All of the shit talking and show boating was just to sell tickets.  He put in the work when the cameras were not on.  He didn’t just rely on his talent.  I can say the same about Floyd Mayweather.  Ali studied the history of the sport.  He studied Jack Johnson and Joe Louis.  He studied Marciano and Jersey Joe.  And he was just a boxer.  He didn’t want to go on tour as a soul singer, or try out for the Globe Trotters.  I think that all of the rapping and hooping eneded up catching up with my 2nd all-time fav boxer, Mr Jones Jr.  Broner wants to be a rapper and he comes back from touring with a big ass belly and swolen neck.  Pacman is wearing too many hats these days.  He wants to be a singer, play & coach basketball, and work in politics in his native country.  He hasn’t been as dominant lately.  His focus is being being juggled between too many arenas.

It’s not just boxers.  We all know that dude that shows up to the park in full Jordan gear.  From his headband to his sneakers you see MJ gliding from the freethrow line.  But……. They can’t hoop like talkin bout it.  They may be ok but the game don’t look as good as the gear. From what I hear Jordan was a gym rat.  He hated to lose and it showed on the court.  Kenny The Jet Smith, of Houston Rockets and TNT fame, said that Jordan was the greatest fundamentally sound athlete that he has ever seen.  In other words MJ worked on basic basketball fundamentals just as hard as he worked on his Hops.  Maybe harder.  He was a great athlete naturally but techniques have to be learned and practiced.

Many of these comics today say that Richard Pryor or Eddie Murphy inspired them but the only resemblance that they share with Murphy or Pryor is a foul mouth.  Pryor was knowledgeable on many different subjects.  He talked about discovering a book in an Egyptian pyramid that proved that the Egyptians were black.  The white explorer didn’t want this information to leak so he locked Pryor in the pyramid.  Pryor made that subject funny and he didn’t drop one f bomb.  He put in the work to perfect his craft like Ali, Jordan, Tony Gwynn, Floyd, Jeter, Serena, Joyner-Kersey,   etc.

Broner don’t know if he wants to be a great champion or Biggie.  I’m not a fan of that dude at all and each stunt that he pulls makes me dislike his silly ass more and more.  Honestly, I just want the young man to get more serious about his craft than his antics so we can see his talent and skills on display.  If that happens then maybe he will actually draw the fanfare that he thinks he already has.  He says that he does it to entertain the fans, but all I hear are fans dissing him.  Holding your set up like Floyd and talking shit does not mean that you are Floyd.  Hard work, dedication, and paying attention to the little things makes Floyd who he is.  The antics are only to sell PPV buys.

I hope he gets it together because I’d love to see the young brother reach his full potential in the sport of boxing, but right now he just doesn’t get it.  Even if he was lying about being late due to not having a Gucci shirt, that corny fly shit makes him look bad in the business realm when he thinks it makes him look playa.  Straighten up and fly right youngsters.

here’s the link to Broner’s press conference


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