NBA Finals match ups

Welcome to the Corner Store.  It’s ya boy 12 again.

I was listening to the Triple Threat show on sports radio 610 in Houston the other day.  They were talking about some of the greatest player v player matchups in NBA finals history.  This particular finals has the potential to be a Magic Johnson v Zeke Thomas  type.  You have a 6’8 point forward that is the ultimate team player.  He makes his teammates better, no matter who they are or how bad they were before playing with him.  He always seems to be in the finals or fightin for it, like Magic.  He couldn’t shoot all that well when he came into the league, but he worked on it and became a solid shooter, like Magic.

On the other team you have the short, lightening quick, high motor, big heart, tight handles, dead eye shooter who finally found his way into the finals after getting over the hump in his respective conference.  His teammates feed off of his energy, like Zeke.  He makes who ever guards him look like they are glued to the floor as he dribbles right passed them, like Zeke.  He hits the deck hard and gets back up to finish what he started, like Zeke.  He’s a baby face assassin, like Zeke.

This is going to be a good finals.  I don’t have a dog in this fight so I can be totally impartial and just enjoy some good basketball between two good teams with an all-time great player in Lebron aka Magic 2.0 and a potentially all-time great in Steph aka West Coast Zeke.

Some other good match-ups of NBA Matchups that I remember watching was

Magic v Bird, Magic v Jordan, Jordan v Barkley, Jordan v Drexler, Dream v Ewing, Dream v Shaq, Kobe v Iverson.

I would add Tim Duncan but Old Man Fundamental was such a part of the team concept that it was hard to make him out to be the 1 individual player to look at.  I think that playing for the Spurs has been a blessing for Duncan and also a curse because he doesn’t get the individual credit he deserves from certain circles because his team/organization has been so good.


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