From Houston Rockets to Houston Rollercoasters

My favorite BBall team proved many naysayers wrong this year.  For whatever reason people on’t like Dwight Howard.  James Harden has had his share of criticism.  They have been blasted for letting Parsons walk and sign with the in-state/division rival Mavs, but they replaced all that they lost and then some.  The additions of Ariza, Brewer, and Josh Smith helped them overcome injuries to key players and earn the 2nd spot in the Western Conference.  They ultimately loss to the #1 seed Golden St Warriors in the Western Conference Finals in 5 games. Great accomplishment.  Best season in 20 years. After watching the rockets lose the final game of their season I felt that I had just got off of a rollercoaster.  They were the epitome of “up and down”.

When they were on, they got “up and down” the court in transition with the best teams in the league. When Josh Smith and D12 were in sync Smith would throw the lob up and Howard would throw it down for the emphatic dunk!  As the season went along certain players were “up” off the bench contributing on the court, but at other times when the injury bug would bite those same impact players would be sitting “down” behind the bench in sreet clothes.

The playoff run was no diferent for my squad.  But instead I want to focus on the “up and down” output of some of our key players.  For all of the negative commentary that Howard receives from the media and public he was the most consistent Rocket throughout the post season.  At times he was flat out dominant.  I can’t say the same about The Beard and Josh J Smoove Smith.  We all know how good Harden can be and has been but there have been games in each series that the MVP runner up looked like the Most Volatile Player… Here’s’s definition of volatile


  1. (obsolete) flying or able to fly; volitant
  2. vaporizing or evaporating quickly, as alcohol
    1. likely to shift quickly and unpredictably; unstable; explosive   ⇒ a volatile social condition
    2. moving capriciously from one idea, interest, etc. to another; fickle
    3. not lasting long; fleeting  

If this doesn’t describe Harden’s play I don’t know what does.  He has been explosive and has his prints all over the game, but the next game he seems to vaporize into thin air.  In game 5 against the Warriors, he started out aggressive but it didn’t last long.  His interest seemed to move from the game to some place else.  Maybe the strip club where the alchohol is.

I couldn’t help but notice when Smoove played at a high level, the Rockets won.  When he went back into his mental shell, they got blown out mostly.  This may be a stretch to make this comparison to some of you, but at times Josh Smith can look like Lebron out there. He’s High flying, has Panoptical court vision, he’s Sharp from behind the 3 point arc, and aggressively attacking the basket like nobody can hold him.

Brewer got the whole crowd crunk, but then he’d go cold on offense. His defense was always tight. Ariza was solid on D mostly but sometimes I forgot he played for the Rockets because I hardly heard his name. Then he’s explode for what seemed like 100 3’s in a half.

The 3’s would rain like Noah’s flood and then they would stop falling like rain drops in the post fertile Sahara. Being a Rockets fan has been an almost literal rollercoaster ride in the one time home of Astroworld. Hopefully Morey can get us another wing scorer/point guard and some shooters to protect us from sitting through these ice ages.


12 can only hope.

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