Violence Is Not the Answer?

Ray Lewis is shouting at the top of his lungs that the people of Baltimore need to stop the violence.  He saying that violence is not the way.  Unfortunately in regards to American History, he’s absolutely wrong.  There would be no United States of America if violence was not the way within these borders.  America gained it’s freedom from England through violence.  America slaughtered millions of Natives through violence.  Americans carried Africans that were violently captured in many cases by other gun packing Africans across the Atlantic Ocean to work their fields.  These captured Africans working for free was the main reason America became the economic powerhouse that it is.  They were handled in a very violent manner.

America has been in more wars than any other nation.  In many cases these were seen as unjustified wars and conflicts.  How can you open your mouth about “Supporting Our Troops” but scream violence is not the way?  The troops are engaging in violent acts.  That’s their job.  It’s not their fault, but they are carrying out the agenda of their superiors through violent actions.  The Marine Corp’s Nicknmane is “The Gun Club”.  I know because I went to the Marine Corp and that’s what my Drill Instructor called it.

Why isn’t Ray Lewis screaming at the Police that violence is not the answer?  Michael Smith and Jemele Hill spoke on that point perfectly on his and hers today.  I commend them.  I also agree that the riots are NOT the answer, at least not in the way that they do it.  Tearing up your own neighborhood, stealing TVs, and terrorizing innocent shop owners isn’t solving the oppression. I’m not saying that all shop owners are innocent, because many of them take the people’s money but turn a deaf ear when the people ask them to do something good for the community. Rioting just lets the oppressor know that you are pissed off.  Like Michael Smith said, “Technically the Boston Tea Party was a riot”.

Get off of your grand standing platform and address the entire issue.  The people in the streets are only reacting to violence that is being perpetrated against them.  Ray Lewis tells the people that “We Got You”, but we want to know how do you got us brother? What are yall doing to let us know that you got us? What does that mean?  Are yall putting money into getting this judicial system challenged for letting these killer cops off?  What are yall doing? Who is this “We” that you are referring to Ray?  The people are tired of talk.  They are tired of getting told to vote and things will be better.  Last time I checked, President Barak Obama was voted to office twice and he was black both times.  That hasn’t changed anything in the streets.  I can’t wait for these black celebs to start shouting at the system that is pushing the people into a corner.


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