Big George Making Bold Statements

I read an article this morning stating that former 2 time heavyweight champ George Foreman says that Floyd Money Mayweather Jr was a better pound for pound fighter than Muhammad Ali.  Like many boxing lovers I disagree with Big George.  My stance is a bit biased because I have a man crush on Ali and I always have.  The only fighter that’s better than Ali is Sugar Ray Robinson and that’s because Ali said he was. And Arsenio Hall’s barbershop character said he was too in Coming to America.

Well not really, because the original Sugar Man is probably the best that ever did it whether Ali said it or not.  Getting back on point, Big George is a big man with a big punch but I think he put his big foot in his mouth.  I wouldn’t be at odds with his comments if he just said that Money was better than Ali, even  though I disagree, but he also said that this entire generation of fighters is better than his generation of fighters. Huh?  I personally think that George likes to say what he thinks the people want to hear.  He a great salesman.  He’s a minister. He knows what to say to get the people excited. And he has that famous smile to seal the deal.  Ironically he was known for his famous scowl when he was knocking boys out.

Today’s fighter, for the most part, is more concerned with being cute than all business.  They are more concerned about their record than giving the public the best fights.  When they get in the big money portion of their career, they only fight once a year unlike the fighters in George’s or Robinson’s eras.  The fighters had to fight way more often than these guys today because they were fighting to keep the lights on and the fridge full of groceries.  They weren’t fighting to get enough money to go buy that new Bugatti after one fight.  The money is much more substantial these days.  If Floyd would have fought during the 80’s with the Hearnses, Haglers, Durans, and Leonards of the world I think that he might have an L in there somewhere.  If he fought during Robinson’s era he would have an L in there somewhere.  The more you fight, the more chances you have to lose.  The more you fight the more chances for you having an off night because you just aint got it that night.  The more you fight the less time you have to fully recover between fights.

I’m not romanticizing  the past because I’m only one year older than Floyd, so this is my generation of fighters.  I personally think that Roy Jones Jr was a better pound for pound fighter than Money before he lost his juice in his legs.  But like I said before, this ain’t a Floyd vs Ali debate.  This is a past generation of fighters vs the present generation of fighters debate.  I roll with the old timers on this one.  They were just hungrier, literally.  Boxing had the best athletes that America had to offer back then.  Now they have to share the greatest with football, basketball, or even MMA.  back then thay were just competing against baseball for the talent pool.  I can’t get down with George’s assessment, but he’s entitles to opinion because i damn sure ain’t gone be the one to tell him that he’s not.  here’s the link to the interview that I read.

12 love’s his teeth so he watches what he say to big George

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