Interview with Former Geto Boy DJ Ready Red

12: First of all I want to welcome my readers and my next esteemed guest to the Corner Store.  We can rap about sports and hip hop without restraints and pc red tape. So I’d like to present to my readers the former DJ of the world famous Geto Boys,  DJ Ready Red. How have you been brother?


RR: I’m good and can’t complain! God has been good to me!


12: When were you a member the legendary Geto Boys and how does it feel to be a part of the group that pioneered southern hip hop music into radios of the world?


RR: Feels good to be part of the foundation.  I was an early member before the legend stuff kicked off.  That era came years later.  We put Houston on Map!


12: The members of the group changed a few times. Can you give us the history of who was in the group before you and during your tenure? How did you become a member?


RR: Before me it was Sire Jukebox, K-9 & Raheem. They wrote and recorded Car Freaks in 1986.  I came to Houston in 1987 and soon hooked up with The Ghetto Boys as it was spelled in those days! Then K-9 left. Raheem went solo and a year later he would become the 1st rapper on A&M Records! Then I called my MC from Trenton,New Jersey named Prince Johnny C. He came down and joined Jukebox and myself to be the Ghetto Boys. Bushwick Bill was our hype man. We did Making Trouble which sold 100,000 and we went out on the Fat Boys Wipe Out Tour with Salt n Pepa, Dana Dane, and Ice T.


12: That had to be a dope experience.  I loved that Assassin record that y’all did back then.  Prince Johnny C wrecked that one royally.  Any memorable stories from the road in those early days?


RR: Yes playing Jack The Rapper in ATL, a Music Industry Event and catering luncheon. All the music bigwigs were in the room and we tore the roof off! That’s when it was Jukebox, Johnny C, and I !


12: How did you become a member?


RR: Entered a Dj contest at the World’s Famous Whinstone Wrangler on Murworth by The Astrodome and that’s how I met Jukebox and the late NC Trahan.

12: I heard Bun B give an interview on Boom 92 in Houston recently and the host asked him “how did DJ Screw influence your sound?” I hear non Houstonians ask stuff like this all of the time because they think Screw was the beginning of Houston Hip Hop culture. ‘Nuff respect due to and RIP to Screw, but you and I both know that this misconception ain’t no where near true. I grew up on Rap-A-Lot Music, Street Military, and SPC music. What was pre-Screw Houston Hip Hop like for you?


RR: It was popping.  It was progressive and to me, many were very good.  They could hang.


12:  I know the answer but some may not, was Screw big when you joined the Ghetto Boys?


RR: Not in the beginning or during my time as a Ghetto Boy /Geto Boy! But you heard his tapes all the time around Houston. Dj Screw was a very talented Dj. rip! SUC for life mane!


12: When did Scarface and Willie D join the group?


RR: After Jukebox quit and Johnny C didn’t want to do that style anymore, then came Will and Face.


12: I like to say that Brad Jordan is your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper’s favorite rapper.  Back when Face joined the group did you think that he would become such a respected MC?


RR: I saw the brilliance in all of them.  Will, Face, and Bill.


12: I saw a clip of you working the turntables on youtube.  It was a Grand Master Flash tribute I think.  Do you still DJ regularly?


RR: Yes. That’s from 2006 showing break Mixing, cutting break. I’m a Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five fanatic lol


12: Who were your favorite DJs when you were coming up? Any new cats you dig on now?


RR: Well growing up in Trenton,Nj Dj Kenny Veal was the DJ I took my lead from!

I like many styles of Djing but Hip Hop was my calling! ! I know way too many to say only a few names so I like a lot of Dj’s that’s out now!


12: How do you feel about the evolution of the DJing art form with the advancement of technology?


RR: IMO Dj’s always embraced technology. Use it wisely, don’t become a slave to it, and Don’t Hit The Sync Button lol!


12: This is a sports blog so I have to ask you about your favorite sport.  What sports do you follow? What teams?


RR: I really love Football. I’m Fan of Philly teams. Eagles ,Flyers,76’er’s

  1. I love Philly.  Philly is known for three of my favorite things; Great Music, Great Boxing tradition, and Brotherly love.  Do you keep up with Philly boxers? If so who?

RR: I used to, but Trenton New Jersey had a lot of Golden Glove Boxers that I’m friends with!


12: Ok. On to your Eagles. I will list some names from Eagles history and you give me your feelings on them.

  1. Coach Vermiel


RR: Best ever. Took a bunch of lesser known players and turned them into winners and believers in themselves.


  1. Ron Jaworski


RR: Jaws had heart The Polish Rifle


  1. Reggie White


RR: Humble and Leader on and off the field!


  1. Chris Carter


RR: I’d rather talk about Harold Carmichael # 17


  1. Buddy Ryan


RR: Knew his Defense


  1. Randall Cunningham


RR: Was very well received in Philly. Got it goin for us!


  1. Donovan McNabb


RR: Seemed like he always was day dreaming or distracted.

  1. Brian Dawkins


RR: Weapon X hella of a DB


  1. Michael Vick


RR: Glad he got his life together. We confused him. Does he run or drop back to pass?


  1. Shady McCoy


RR: I wish him well.

(Ready Red wanted me to mention # 31 Wilbert Montgomery when I asked him about LeSean McCoy)


  1. How do you feel about all of the moves that Chip Kelly is making?


RR: I can’t wait for this season. I’m curious myself.


  1. Andy Reid had a lot of success in Philly. Do you envision Chip having that same type of success?


RR: I believe Chip will do good or go right back to College. I hope the best.


  1. I appreciate you taking the time to chill with us at the Corner Store. Anything you’d like to say to the readers?

RR: Thank you for all the support and God Bless!

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