Fair is Fair…Foul is Foul

Word got to the Corner Store that Texan’s QB Ryan Mallet is the victim of discrimination because he has a little too much “hood” in him.  We are being told by insiders and people with sources that people are uncomfortable with how “black” and “8 Mile” he acts.  I have no idea about his upbringing or background, but I heard a few of his interviews and picked up on the fact that he grew up around black folks.  It’s obvious by the way that he talks.  There was an orphanage in the neighborhood that I grew up in and over the years they brought in several white children to raise as their own. My neighborhood is a historic black neighborhood in Houston and these white children were raised in the midst of us and our culture so by default it became their culture.  Ryan Mallet talks just like them so it was easy for my ears to pick up on.

My homie Craig Shelton posted a few videos yesterday about how John Lopez of Sports Radio 610’s In The Loop reported that Mallet has been the victim of REVERSE discrimination by head coach Bill O’Brien and some of the Texans’ brass.  This just didn’t add up on a few levels.  Craig brought up a valid point when he said that O’Brien coached and traded for Mallet and so I’m sure he’s familiar with Mallet’s speech patterns.  Apparently it didn’t make O’Brien too uncomfortable or he wouldn’t have even considered pulling the trigger on the trade.  We’re living in an age when teams are sending employees to “shadow” draft picks, like Jameis Winston, and so Mallet’s Texarkana/Arkansas past was thoroughly investigated.  His Eminem type swagger was well known before he signed with The Patriots.  I responded to Craig’s videos by saying…

“1 there’s really no such thing as reverse discrimination. There is only discrimination. The term reverse discrimination is just another go to phrase that white males who have been ok with discriminating against others so they need to point out every instance that one of their own is mistreated. It keeps them from looking so bad. Same thing goes for the term “race card” and “conspiracy theorist”. Discrimination is discrimination no matter who dishes it or receives it. 2. How is Mallet the victim of reverse racism, if it actually existed, when the person that is allegedly discriminating against him is also a white man. If they think that he is acting “too black” then are they knocking him or black culture? I agree with everything you dropped bro, I just don’t like the terms reverse racism or reverse discrimination. People, including blacks, act like we were the only people that were discriminated against in history. Women have been discriminated against since the beginning of time. So again, in my opinion, reverse discrimination doesn’t exist.”

Like I said in the title, Fair is Fair and Foul is Foul!  We get too loose with these phrases that we use.  Another phrase that I hate is “Anti-Semitic”.  What the hell does that mean?  I know Jews use it when someone speaks out against Jews in any manner, but Jews using the term as if it’s exclusive to Jews doesn’t make sense.  The term Semitic doesn’t refer to a group of people as much as it refers to a language family. Here’s a quote from wikipedia about the origin of the term Semitic.

” The terminology was first used in the 1780s by German orientalists von Schlözer and Eichhorn,[2] who derived the name from Shem, one of the three sons of Noah in the Book of Genesis.”

Shem is said to be the ancestor of Abraham the Hebrew who was the father of Isaac.  Isaac had twin sons named Jacob and Esau whose names were changed to Israel and Edom respectively. Israel fathered 12 sons and one of them was named Judah/Yehuda. His descendants would later be known as Jews in the bible. Before the birth of Isaac, Abraham fathered a son named Ishmael with his wife’s hand maid Hagar. Ishmael is said to be the progenitor of the Arab people.  So going by biblical genealogy Ishmaelites/Arabs, Edomites, Israelites(all 12 tribes including Jews), and many other nations should be considered Semites.

Linguistics also support the multiple branches of the Semitic family.  I asked a friend of mine named Asar Imhotep, who happens to be a linguist, to give a brief description of the Semitic languages.  Here’s what he said….

“If we go by mainstream linguists, they argue that it belongs to a language family called Afrisan or Afro-Asiatic. Other languages include Omotic, Hausa, Oromo, Cushitic languages, and allegedly the ancient Egyptian. Mboli (2010) argues it is a part of Negro-Egyptian. Obenga (1993) excludes it from African languages altogether.”

I know that Ethiopia’s Amharic language, known as the world’s oldest living language, is also in the Semitic language family.  Here are some stats from wikipedia.

“The most widely spoken Semitic languages today are (numbers given are for native speakers only) Arabic (300 million),[3] Amharic (21.8 million),[4] Hebrew (7 million),[5][6][7] Tigrinya (6.7 million),[8] and Modern Aramaic (550,000)[9]—its widely spoken subdivision is Assyrian Neo-Aramaic (232,300).[10][11]

Ok. You get the point.  Jews are not the only Semitic people on earth, in antiquity or contemporary times.  So why do they have their own form of racism/discrimination?    In essence, the Israeli’s that bomb Palestinians in Gaza are anti-Semitic since Arabs are also Semites.  The Ethiopian Jews that were placed in concentration camps in Israel were the victims of Antisemitism just like the European Jews that were slaughtered by Hitler.

In closing, we all have had our share of struggles and some situations are unique to a particular ethnic group, but one groups persecution shouldn’t be considered any less wrong than the next groups’.  Certain persecutions may be considered more tragic due to the amount of deaths or horrific acts that took place but wrong is wrong no matter how deep it goes.  That’s why I don’t like terms like reverse racism or reverse discrimination.  Racism or discrimination is not exclusive to black people and it does not just come exclusively from whites.  So there’s no logical reason to call it reverse anything.  It’s just racism or discrimination.  As for Ryan Mallet, don’t worry Texans’ brass, he actually likes country music.  I got that one from the primary source, Ryan Mallet.


2 thoughts on “Fair is Fair…Foul is Foul

  1. Great read. The only thing I differ with you on a little is the reverse racism term. That term came about exclusively for whites b/c they’re typically the aggressors in various types of racism. It’s true that all peoples have ther biases against each other, but no one group has put it into practice like the caucusoids of this world. From invasions to slaveries to holocausts, they’ve left their mark in this planet. Everyone has done it at some point, but no one has as complete a résumé, complete with the righteous indignation, that they do. I think deep down they feel they’ve done this world a service and all the evil they’ve visited upon the other peoples of this world is justified. They feel we should be happy they’ve brought us out of our barbarian states. Therefore when a little injustice is done to us we should take that as a tax, as a little something we have to give back in order to balance the scales a little bit for so much they’ve given us. They want house niggas. Obviously all of them aren’t like this, but I believe that’s the general feeling amongst them not only in America but in Europe.

    • Well, you don’t differ from me at all. You just phrased it more eloquently than me. My point was, they(caucasian) made up the term to characterize injustices perpetrated against them from the people that they have historically been unjust towards. But I feel that if someone has dicrimated against a white person on the basis of them being white, then it’s just racism. If they use the term reverse racism then in essence they admit that racism is only set forth by them. They are in effect saying that they are the only racists and eveybody else are reverse racists. Like it’s whites against the world. Racism is racism. Some people are just more racist than others.

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