Enough of this Hero Ball

I was reading a post on facebook and a brother named MJ Gabriel posted this…

“Steven A. Smith: Warning to Kevin McHale. McHale isn’t calling plays, James Harden is calling his own number and come playoff time you are going to have to start calling plays. (THIS HAS BEEN SOME OF OUR CRITICISMS FOR THE LONGEST). Discuss”

I posted my 2 cents, but I had much more to say about than I did.  I didn’t want to flood his post with my Rockets dissertation.  So I had to take a trip to thr corner store and finally get this out.  Here was my response to his post….

“I noticed that last year. Parsons was hot one playoff game and the beard was bricking. They went away from Chandler and Harden became a black hole. Started jackin up shots and they lost. McHale did nothing about it”

Don’t get me wrong man, I love seeing a superior athlete doing his or her thing and making the competition look unworthy, but I hate this notion that the superstar comes before the team. After that particular game that I referenced commentators Clyde Drexler and Bill Worell were discussing why they took the ball out of Parsons’ hands and The Glyde was defending McHale’s decision to force the issue with getting Harden going.  After the loss Drexler disagreed with Worell and said, “Well, he’s(Harden) your superstar and you have to go with him win or lose.”

I couldn’t disagree more.  Basketball is a team sport.  It’s not a superstar and some guys sport. It’s not a “just put a bunch of big names together” sport either. Ask the Piston squad that whooped up on the Lakers team that had Kobe, Shaq, The Mail Man, and The Glove. Ask Tim Duncan will he demand the ball if he’s having an off night, but Manu is lightning it up from the field.  No chance of that happening and that’s why The Big Fundamental has enough rings to fill up a fully developed human hand. 5! Michael Jordan has 6 but he didn’t win one until he learned how to use his teammates and understand that they wouldn’t have made it to the nba if they didn’t have a specific skill that made them worth signing.

Either way, McHale needs to learn how to stop the bleeding.  Just calling timeouts wont get it done. You have to be able to adjust and not just lean on your “superstar” to bail you out or hope that your 3s magically start falling.


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