Historically Great Defense in Houston

This time of year drives me crazy as a Texans fan. Most of the free agency frenzy is over and the draft is a month away. I don’t get much time to check out the draft prospects so I decided to tweet draft diamonds and ask them if they thought a top quality edge rusher would be there when the Texans pick at 16 on April 30th. They tweeted back 2 words… Bud Dupree. So I checked him out on youtube. The U of Kentucky Kid has a nice burst off of the line. He always seems to be untouched on his way to the QB and he finishes with well. Of course youtube only shows his strengths. So I asked draft diamonds about weaknesses. Here’s what they said…
@DavidShaSports he is a stud a top tier rusher”
If Dupree is drafted by the Texans and he’s as good as his highlights suggest, then my squad will have 2 bookend QB seeking missiles in JD Clowney and Bud Dupree. This is a big if but…. If Clowney and Louis Nix III are healthy and Pagan develops then the Texans will have a young stud filled defensive side of the ball for years to come. Mix the youngsters with vets like the Minotaur JJ Watt, Jared Crick, newly aquired NT Vince Wilfork, Cushing, Kareem, J Jo, Swag Swearinger, and former Bronco Safety Rahim Moore and the Bulls might be parading their way right into some deep playoff runs. I’m hoping Max Bullough becomes a solid ILB next to Cush. Romeo Crenell should keep his eye out for an anchor at ILB in the draft just in case. Either way this time of year is all speculation and hope. So I’m hoping that I speculated correctly and we draft a monster like Dupree so that we can have a defense that gives offensive coordinators anxiety attacks,makes offensive lines turn on each other for giving up sacks, and make qbs fake injuries so that they don’t have to see us on Sundays, Mondays, or Thursdays.

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12 is pulling Rick Smith’s coat tail

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