A t-shirt asking for justice disrespectful?

I was reading an article on yahoo sports where the Cleveland police department wants an apology from the Cleveland Browns after receiver Andrew Hawkins wore a T Shirt protesting the killing of Tamir Rice and John Crawford III before the start of today’s game against the Bengals. Here’s the link to the article below. It said enough about the incident in terms of facts but there’s no opinion stated so I wanted to state my opinion on what was done and what was said by the player and cop respectively.
Player Protest

I feel it ‘s beyond time for black athletes to use their platform to express their displeasure with the way are going. For too long these athletes have been muzzling their feelings due to the feeling that they would lose their plush lifestyle that they worked so hard to attain. I’m not asking them to come out of the tunnel singing “Fuck The Police” in unison but saying something is absolutely necessary. How in this hell does the police union president open his mouth to say that Hawkins’s shirt was disrespectful? It’s disrespectful to tell this man that he should just shut his mouth and entertain us, instead of acting like he knows the law, since playing football is what he does best. Get off of the gas law man. Fuck the law when the law says that it’s ok to kill a 12 year old boy who was “playing” with a toy gun. Despite popular opinion, there is a such thing as unjust laws. At one time in this country it was legal for men and women of African descent to be the property of anyone who had the money to buy one. Does that mean that it was just? Hell no! What does Hawkins’s knowledge, or speculated lack there of, of the law have to do with him feeling like this legislative system is not only failing black men, but targeting black males? All he has done was ask for justice because he feels that justice was not served and I commend him for that. I commend the Heat and Rams players as well for displaying that they are not zombies with money, but human beings that care about the welfare of people from their communities. They are not shooting anyone. They are not making terrorist threats. They aren’t even standing on a soap box with a megaphone blasting out rhetoric and clichés. Hawkins didn’t even call out the police. Dude just wore a T Shirt asking for justice from the judiciary department so in what way is that disrespectful? I tell you what cop, you continue to support the actions of your brothers in arms without question and we’ll continue to support the need for justice for our unarmed brothers that are being lawfully murdered without question.


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