Goodell Needs His Card Pulled

Just read that Adrian Peterson has been suspended for the remainder of the season following his plea agreement in a Montgomery County Texas child abuse case.  Roger Goodell, the commissioner of the NFL, is the most “go where the wind blows you” commissioner that I’ve ever seen in the major American sports world.  After the Ray Rice debacle he seems to just do what he thinks the protesters will gripe less about.  All of his decisions of late have been “PC” inspired. He pays attention to every one’s gripes except the players.  He’s the bad man on the block when it comes to the players and he can care less about how they feel about it.  At least that’s how it looks from the corner store where I’m posted up.  He seems to forget that the people are paying top dollar for tickets, merchandise, and $8 beer to see these world class athletes do what normal people wish that they could do.  That’s the reason that he makes over $40 million a year.  I think that the players need to remind him that this is the case, but they don’t want to upset the system that’s helping the majority of them get their parents out of “the hood” by making 6 to 8 figures a season.  Goodell feels that he’s too untouchable when it comes to the treatment of the players that fill the stands each week.  He acts like the fans are there to see him.He needs to be brought down a peg.  I felt the same way about David Stern, the former Commissioner of the NBA, but at least he set a standard that he governed by.  Goodell has no consistency and therefore no, or at least tarnished, credibility.

How in the hell is Adrian Peterson suspended for the remainder of the season?  What logical reason does he have to reasonably justify this?  He’s already missed over half of the season.  I know that he got paid for those games but most great football  players are concerned about their legacy as well.  Missing an entire season,not due to injury, will impact his place on the all-time rushing yards list.  Right now he’s currently and ironically in 28th place with 10,190 yards and he’s 29 years old.  A running back’s shelf life is shorter than most other positions, especially one that runs as hard as AP.

I remember watching a movie called The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars and Motor Kings staring Billy Dee Williams, James Earl Jones, and Richard Pryor.  It was loosely based on the year that some of the top players in the Negro Leagues decided to start up their own league when they were unsatisfied with the way that the owners were treating them.  They set up their own exhibitions and played at local ball parks around the country.  Bingo Long

The real Negro League players actually went to Cuba to play as well.  I feel that if today’s high profile athletes decide to strike then they would have much more leverage than those Negro League players.  There’s too much at stake these days.  Besides ticket sales and merch, there’s the TV deals, the endorsements like Bose, and the possibility for franchises in Europe. If Kobe, Lebron, Mellow, KD and other high profile NBA players would have decided to split and start their own league, then I believe that it wouldn’t take long before some of that TV money starts flowing their way.  If they cut out the middleman and played at local college arenas, high school gyms, or local parks/rec centers to start out, they wouldn’t have any trouble selling out and of course the TV cameras would be there.  They could sell high price refreshments just like the NBA.  They can strike TV deals just like the NBA.  They could even keep their endorsement deals.  The other players will go where the money and cameras are.  Won’t take long to fill out rosters.  The same thing can be said about the NFL players.

The players have went on strike before but the league didn’t feel any pressure to relent because the players didn’t present them with a legit worry of losing money.  The owners and commissioner knew that the players would eventually brake because they didn’t have a way to supplement the income that they were losing while not playing for the NFL.  If the players start their own league, and the best players commit to playing in the new league, then the NFL would have to compete with the new league for the fans dollars who decide to support their favorite players.  There’s only so much money to spend.  The fans would have a choice of where their money would go.  Some of them would continue to support the franchises that their families have supported for generations, but I believe that many would go where the star power is, especially in this band wagon atmosphere that we have these days. It would be fantasy football in real life.  Could you imagine a healthy Cam Newton, Megatron and AP on the same squad?  The new league would probably have to start off as an All Star team playing exhibitions against local teams like the And1 boys did it, but like I said, it wouldn’t take long for the rosters to fill once the lesser players see how much money is out there to be made.  There would be less hands in the pot than the NFL so the players would make just as much or more.

I know that this will probably never happen but this would be the only way to put a scare into these commissioners and owners.  All that they respect is the dollar.  They prove this by preaching player safety but yet they are thinking about going to 18 games.  I want Goodell out of there, but another commissioner would only come in a dictate like the rest of them.  Maybe not as bad but he would not be on the side of the players because the owners pay his salary with the money that the league generates based off of the popularity of THE PLAYERS beating each other the hell up.

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