Review of the 2011 NFL Draft

I was reading an article on entitled 10 Players Drafted Before JJ Watt.  My 1st thought when I saw the article was that, “I know at least 10 teams that are sick that they didn’t pick this dude over who ever they selected.”  But then I actually looked at who was drafted before him and I had to rethink that sentiment.  There are some bonafide NFL proven studs on that list with only a few teams that wish they had a do over pick.  They would probably take anybody over the guys that they picked up.  Here are the players that went before the best Defensive player in the league in that top heavy draft.

1.Cam Newton(Panthers)- Cam is my favorite NFL quarterback to watch these days.  He’s underrated in my book and I don’t think anyone with good sense should question if he was worth the #1 pick.  If the Panthers decide to get him a receiving core they will have a legitimate shot at a super bowl real soon.

2.Von Miller(Broncos)- This dude is just flat out unstoppable.  The only thing that can stop him his a failed drug test or concussion.  He’s fun to watch man, that is unless you’re the opposing offensive coordinator.

3.(Bills)- Not that familiar with this dude but he has been a pro-bowler and from what I read, he’s a wrecker on the Bills D-Line.

4.A.J. Green(Bengals)- This kid is a big time big play receiver.  He has to stay out of his own way and get some consistent play out of the Red Rifle Andy Dalton to remain a top receiver as far as his numbers go though.

5.Patrick Peterson(Cardinals)- My favorite DB in the league.  I personally think he’s better than Richard Sherman since he’s more of a threat to take it to the house every time he picks one off.  His return skills are well documented on stat sheets and nfl films.  Someone in the Sabol family will be talking about his career in a couple of decades.

6.Julio Jones(Falcons)- This young man gets it done.  Before Roddy White got allergic to the injury bug bite, they made life much easier for Matty Ice in the ATL.  Jones moves the chains and beats safeties deep.  He an awesome red zone target as well.

7.Aldon Smith(49ers)- Aldon is his own worst enemy.  I don’t know him personally, so I don’t know what he’s going through and I reserve judgement on his behavior.  Outside of his personal problems, the dude is a player.  He can get to the QB like few others in the league with the exception of his draft mates Watt and Miller.

8.Jake Locker(Titans)- The jury is out on Jake. Or have they just decided to go home?  He can’t stay healthy long enough to make an impact or get any continuity with his team.  He may be done in Nashville since they drafted Mettenberger.

9.Tyron Smith(Cowboys)-Don’t know much about him either; could be because he’s an O-Lineman and you never hear their names unless they do something wrong or maybe it’s just because he plays for the Cowboys and I don’t do the Cowboys.  Either way, he’s a staple on that STRONG offensive line that Scary Jerry Jones put together over there in the Big D.  They move boys around indeed; very physical and dominant.  He’s also a pro bowler.

10.Blaine Gabbert(Jaguars)- All I have to say about him is that he’s a back up now for another team and Blake Bortles has his old parking spot.  He’s the classic example that college success doesn’t necessarily transfer over to the NFL.

Then there’s JJ.  Or as I like to call him, The Minotaur! Glad he landed in our proverbial lap.  Glad no other team had a crystal ball or a medium to foresee what was to be.  This dude big bad and destructive and disruptive.

The top portion of this draft, as you can see will possibly go down as one of the best in NFL history with only a couple of hick ups along the way.
12 has spoken. JJ Watt’s new Nick Name is The Minotaur

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