The Sheriff Just Gets It Done

First of all I, as a football fan, feel fortunate to have been around to see the Great Peyton Manning do his thing.  Although much of his success has come against  my beloved Texans as a division foe Indianapolis Colt You have to respect the skills.  So even though he’ll probably never see this article I still have to send a big shout out to #18 for being consistently top shelf.

When I saw the pass that became the record breaker FLY out of Manning’s hand and into the sure hands of Demaryius Thomas I didn’t think much of it besides “hell of a catch” and “he(Manning) did it”.  It wasn’t until I watched one of the 1500 replays that I saw the magic trick of all magic tricks.  The “pig skin” was turned into a wobbling duck and back into “pig skin” once Thomas reeled it in.  Yep, Peyton Manning threw a duck.  He’s been throwing ducks for 6 for nearly 20 years.  The ducks have only gotten bigger since his neck surgeries.

This is not a dig on Manning, it’s a revelation.  I just think of how many athletes and entertainers  are more concerned about looking good than being great.  One of my favorite QBs, Warren Moon, never won a title but had the prettiest spiral in the game.  My point is that the only thing that matters is getting the Ws and titles and I’m sure Mr Moon would trade some of those spirals in for a super bowl ring.

Rocky Marciano had a brutish style in the ring but he “Beat Joe Louis’s Ass” like Eddy Murphy’s old Jewish character said in that famous Coming To America barber shop scene.  He retired as the undefeated Heavyweight champion because he just flat out got it done in the ring.  Manning never had the speed of Michael Vick, the big arm of Jay Cutler, the elusiveness of , Randall Cunningham,  or the girth of Tim Tebow but not one of those QBs belong in the same breath as #18.

No one is known for being more of a film junkie and student of the game than Peyton and that was the knock on David Carr.  People that were close to the situation say that football just didnt matter to him enough.  He didn’t put in the time that was required to be a step ahead of the defenses that he faced.  One would be hard pressed to find many games that Manning was not prepared for.  Like The Money Team screams “Hard Work. Dedication!” is what makes one great, or at least really good if they are not naturally gifted athletes like Floyd Mayweather.

Congrats to Peyton Manning once again for Breaking Brett Favre’s touchdown record tonight and I’ll keep watching him throw ducks all the way to the hall of fame.

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