Up and Comers

My son plays for the freshman football team at McNeil High School in Round Rock ISD.  When I go to his games I like to check the future superstars of Texas High School ball and beyond.  So far, I’ve seen two young men that stand out from the pack and should be making plenty of noise on the varsity landscape for the three next years.

1.Dana Jackson RB/WR Hendrickson High School Pflugerville, ISD

I have one word for this young man….Explosive!  He’s small, but he’s just flat out faster than everybody on the field.  McNeil sent the opening kick off his direction and he muffed it.  You know when a returner is ready to run before he catches the ball? The crowd began to scream at the McNeil kickoff coverage team “the balls loose; he dropped it; get him get him; etc. Before I knew it the little guy scooped the ball off of the ground and sprinted to the right sideline.  From my angle I was thinking, “this little dude looks kind of fast”, but then he turned up field and the entire stadium knew how fast he was.  70 yards and a gang of high fives later Hendrickson had 6 points on the board.  It looked like Jackson was running on one of those conveyor belts at the airport and everyone else was walking in the same direction.  I see a young Percy Harvin type player when I watch him do his thing.  Not only is he fast, but he has Tomlinson like vision in traffic.  On a hand-off he exploded through the whole, made a cut and exploded out of the cut, saw a cutback lane and exploded again.  Did I mention that he was explosive?  I was very impressed with not only his athleticism, but also his running back skills.  It’s more than about being fast just ask Emmitt Smith.  Patience, vision, quickness, and toughness are all important and for a freshman Dana Jackson possesses some of those intangibles already.  Being fast as a conman’s tongue can’t hurt either.  Overall he ended up with 5 touchdowns in a winning effort that night. I believe that he could have had more but the coach liked to spread the ball around and kept it out of Jackson’s hands.  Look out for this exciting running back if you like to see big plays in the near future.

2.Cameron Thomas WR Westwood High Round Rock ISD

All I can say about this stud is that he doesn’t belong on the freshman squad.  Physically he’s ready for the varsity level, but emotionally he’d rather play with his classmates right now.  His father told me that the coaches want him to play varsity, but he’s not ready to stop playing with his classmates yet.  Young Mr. Thomas is taller than his offensive linemen and faster than the fastest db on his squad.  He runs really well with the ball in his hands and gets plenty of YAC (Yards After Catch) on his way to the end zone.  Of course he won’t be as dominant on the varsity squad since there’s an obvious upgrade in size, speed,strength and overall football IQ but I believe that he would still be a productive receiver on that level.  Westwood’s colors are burnt orange, black, and white trim so when I seen this guy out there dominating dbs that were smaller and slower than him I immediately thought of Dez Bryant who did the same thing at Oklahoma St and now in the NFL.

Just a couple of potential future stars to keep an eye on in Texas high school football.  There are so many things that go into the development of a great gridiron athlete like talent, attitude, work ethic, coaching, support system, health, and potential injuries so there’s no way to tell if any one of these touchdown machines will play on Sundays in a few years but the journey will be fun to watch.

12 will be in the bleachers watchin’ em ball

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