Am I My Brother’s Keeper? Yes I Am!

This is such a right on story that I had to pub it at the corner store.  The one thing that ya boy 12 has always been about is being 100 with family.  Ma’ake Kemoeatu, Ex Baltimore Ravens Defensive Lineman, committed the ultimate sacrifice by retiring from the game that pays his bills and gives him thrills to give up one of his kidneys to his younger brother, who is a former 2 time Superbowl Champ with the Pittsburgh Steelers. In a society so dominated by a “Get mine, f yours” attitude this story takes me back to the time when it was cool to just be a good person.  It’s very human and I find that refreshing.  As the oldest of my siblings, I understand him feeling responsible for his younger sibling even though they are both huge grown ass men.  That’s just what big brothers do.  Give the link a read and see if you feel the same. Peace


12 is Livin’ that Big Brother Life

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