Battle of the Ages 2?

You know when you’re hanging out at the corner store you hear things in passing conversations.  Just got wind that there have been talks between 49 year old IBF Light Heavy Weight Champ Bernard “The Alien”(formerly The Executioner) Hopkins, and former 3x Champion 48 year old Reggie “Sweet” Johnson to face off in the near future.  Johnson is in training in Houston Tx to make his 2015 comeback and Hopkins is preparing for a November match up against the heavy handed Russian  Sergey Kovalev in Atlantic City.  If Hopkins can put that ring wisdom of his to use against Kovalev and show that the OG still has it then we may end up seeing this face off after all.

It reminds me of when Larry Holmes and George Foreman were supposed to meet up 1999.  The fight never materialized because the promoter failed to meet Foreman’s 10 million dollar requirement.  Foreman was 50 and Holmes was 49 at the time that they were scheduled to fight.  Reggie Johnson and Hopkins will be roughly the same ages as Foreman and Holmes were if they decide to lace on the gloves.

As stated earlier, Johnson is making a comeback, but Hopkins never left the ring so that’s an advantage for The Alien in terms of ring rust.  I’m also thinking that this will not be a big pay per view draw,especially if Hopkins is no longer champion after throwing hands with the much younger Kovalev(31) so the money is not the motivating force behind these two going at it.

So why fight? One reason…. Cuz that’s what fighters do!  They face challenges and attempt to overcome them.  In their profession the challenge is the guy across the ring from them.  You can’t take that combative warrior spirit out of these guys.  They are just cut from that cloth and I wouldn’t be surprised if their ancestors from the African continent were warriors of the tribes and that gene lives on through them.

When I asked Reggie Johnson about the chances that it would happen he said, “Bernard likes the idea of us fighting each other at our age for World Titles. We’re on the same page.”

I hear things, but 12 ain’t the one to gossip.

reggie johnson bernard-hopkins

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