Clowney Plants a Mailbox in the Backfield

After checking out the Texans v Falcons pre-season game on last Saturday, I came away more excited about the drafting of JD Clowney than I thought humanly possible.  This young man’s burst off of the line will give O tackles and O guards anxiety attacks for years to come if he continues on this pace.  The scary part is that he’s not yet 100% from his sports hernia surgery and he’s already getting to the backfield before the O Lineman can fully get out of their stances.  I read a couple of articles following the game and sometimes I like to read the fan’s post article comments to gauge the pulse of the local sports fan.  One dude was being the resident hater and doing his best to downplay the impact that JD had on the game in the short time he was on the field.  This guy says that “on his(Clowney) top two plays he went unblocked”.  Basically, don’t get too excited about this guys potential because nobody bothered to touch him and if that’s the case then he should have made those plays.  I call BS.

If you watch the plays closely you’ll see that Clowney was accounted for by the offensive coordinator.  The issue was not the scheme, it was the fact that JD was just flat out too fast for the men that were assigned to keep him out of the backfield.  That’s why he was drafted over any of the highly touted QBs that the Texans so desperately need.  He was chosen as the #1 over all pick to do exactly what he has shown us this pre-season.  Get in the backfield and F Things UP!  Be disruptive!  Stall drives!

When I watched the replays of the TFL on Antone Smith and the sack of Matty Melted Ice I noticed that the linemen were in place schematically to push Clowney outside, but couldn’t get to him in time.  When JD made the TFL he came off the line and was supposed to be blocked by the left guard #63 as the left tackle plowed into the right side d end for the Texans.  The left guard faked the inside move then pivoted left to account for JD but it was too late.  When #63 looked to his left to stop the inevitable boom there was no one there to block.  Clowney was showing the RB how it felt to levitate.  If you screw(slow down for non h-town linguists) the footage it kind of looks like Superman taking Louis Lane on her first flight.  Maybe it was a blown assignment on behalf of the guard, but if JD was not as fast as he was the guard might have been able to recover and at least chip him.

The sack on the other hand was just one man beating another man to the spot.  The left tackle, #72, came out of his stance and already had Clowney blowing past his left shoulder causing him to reach for the freight train Outside Line Backer and falling to the ground before he could even get an intentional holding penalty.  Clowney is that fast.  No helium needs to be added to his ability.  In other words, I don’t have to gas him up or over hype him.  He is just a freak of nature athlete that happens to play for my favorite team.  So yes, I am bias but it’s well deserved credit.

This fan saying that JD was just doing what any other unblocked rusher would do reminds me of the resident hater fan that says that Roy Jones Jr did’t fight anybody and that’s why he got all of those wins.  Bottom line is that some of these guys were champions in their own right and some were future hall of famers like pre-obesity James Toney and Bernard Hopkins.  Some athletes are just that much better than everyone else that they are competing against, but that does not negate how much better those outmatched opponents are than everyone besides that God Gifted, Once in a Generation athlete.

My point is, just because you are pissed that the Texans decided to go with Clowney over Manziel Christ, don’t downplay the amazing feats that JD puts on film like Antone Smith did. Just a guy? In the immortal words of Ozzie G…. psshhh please

12 Got Clowney’s back

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