1984 NBA Draft in comparison

After watching the documentary about the 1984 NBA draft I wanted to know how this draft stood out from the rest.  Obviously having 5 hall of famers didn’t hurt its claim to be the greatest of them all, as well as Michael Jordan being a part of it.  I wanted to check out some other notable drafts and see where they rank.  This will be based solely on my fan boy eye test and not advanced stats or analytics.  I may do that later.  I just want to see how many names I recognize when I look at the individual drafts.

1969. This draft was headed up by The Captain. No not Jeter. Lew Alcindor aka Kareem Abdul-Jubar.  The NBA’s most prolific scorer and master of the Sky Hook was the first pick of this draft.  The only other name that I recognize Jo Jo White who was selected #9 by Boston.  I only know who he is because he was a character in the movie Glory Road

1970. This draft started off with a bang. Bob Lanier, Rudy T, Pistol Pete, and Dave Cowens went 1-4 and Calvin Murphy and Tiny Archibald went 1 & 2 in the 2nd round.  That’s 5 Hall of Famers in the first 2 rounds.  

1971. The Only name I recognize is Artis Gilmore who was a HOF inductee. He was drafted in the 7th round due to the fact that he was already playing in the ABA.

1972 has Bob McAdoo,Paul Westphal, and Dr J highlighting the list. The Doctor went to the ABA instead.

1973 has Doug Collins as the #1 overall pick.  The only other name that I recognize is Kermit Washington because he crushed rudy T’s face in and was unjustly black balled after that.  anybody knows that if you are engaged in a heated fist fight and somebody runs up on you you are just going to swing and ask what their intentions were after.

1974 has Bill Walton and Jamal Wilks as their 2 HOFers

1975 has Sky Walker Thompson and Chocolate Thunder in the 1st round.  World B Free in the 2nd.

1976 has John Lucas #1 over all. Drugs cut his career short. Adrian Dantley, The Chief Robert Parish and Mitch Kupchak(lol) round out the 1st. Alex English and Dennis Johnson are both HOFers drafted in the 2nd.

1977 Benard King highlighted this 1st round along with Otis Birdsong, Cedric Maxwell, Tree Rollins, Jack Sikma and Norm Nixon.

1978 The funny thing about this draft is that Purvis Short was drafted before Larry the Legend Bird. Mo Cheeks went in the 2nd round

1979 Magic is the Class of the draft but Bill Cartwright, and Vinnie the Microwave debuted this same year.

1980 Joe Barry Carroll and Kevin McHale went in the 1st round and Larry Mr Mean (former Rocket is the only reason I know him)Smith & Rick Mahorn went in the 2nd

1981 Saw Mark Aguire, Isiah Thomas, and buck Williams go 1-3. Orlando Woolridge, Ro Blackman, Tom Chambers, and Larry Nance went in the 1st round as well.  Danny Ainge and Eddy Johnson went in the 2nd

1982 James Worthy, Terry Cummings, and The human Highlight film Dominique Wilkins went 1-3. Sleepy Floyd went 13.

1983 Ralph Sampson, Rodney McCray, Byron Scott, Thurl Bailey, Antoine Carr, Dale Ellis, Derek Harper, Clyde The Glyde Drexler, Mitchell Wiggins and John Paxson went in the 1st round.  Doc rivers went in the 2nd. This was a solid draft so if you put 83 and 84 together then you almost definitely have the most successful two year period of NBA worthy talent.

1984. Legend heavy this draft is(in my Yoda voice). Dream, His Airness, Bump and Thump Barkley, Stockton, 1984 is known for the top names but i saw some really solid players on that documentary that were not necessarily superstars or future legends. Here are a few.   Otis Thorpe, Kevin Willis, Jerome Kersey, Michael Cage(Whom the Dream put the Nigerian Knuckles on).

1985 was stacked with talent… Pat Ewing, Waymon Tisdale, Benoit Benjamin, Xavier McDaniel, Joe Klein(Dont remember how good he actually was but I remember him playing a while), Chris Mulin, Detlef Schremph, Charles Oakley, Mail Man Malone(with his horrible draft night suit), Joe Dumars, A.C. Green and Terry Porter were in the 1st round. Manute Bol, Hot Rod Williams, and Gerald Wilkins went in the 2nd

1986 Brad Daugherty, Chuck Person, Ron Harper, John Salley, Dell Curry(Stephs dad), Scott Skiles, Sabonis. 2nd round. Mark Price, Dennis Rodman, Nate McMillan,Duckworth, Hornacek.

1987 The Admiral, Pippen, Horace Grant, Reggie Miller, Mugsey, Kevin Johnson, Kenny Smith, Mark Jackson, Reggie Lewis(RIP) in the 1st. 

I’m starting to recognize too many players and my fanboy senses are experiencing overload. Now I’m just going to point out some super star drafts.
1996 had Iverson, Camby, Sharif Abdur-Rahim, Starbury, Antoine Walker(who never met a 3 he didnt like), Kittles, Kobe Bean Bryant, Peja, Steve Nash, Jermaine Oneal, Ilgauskas,and coach Derek Fisher.
2003 Leads off with the King, Melo, Bosh, and Flash Wade in the top 5. This draft is the closest thing I see to giving 84 a run for the title of best ever. We’ll see when all is said and done.Just a side note, The Class of 98 was pretty solid. with the exception of the Rockets drafting Bryce Drew in the 1st. Vince Carter, Dirk and the Truth.
It’s hard to go against 84 as the best but a few of these drafts have a legitimate gripe.
dream & bowie


dream & chuck

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