Pac Man vs Desert Storm II

In a few hours the reigning WBO welterweight champion Timothy “Desert Storm” Bradley Jr and the legendary former welterweight/ 8 division titleholder Manny “Pac Man” Pacquiao will settle a two year old score that they and the world needs closure on. The last time they met in the ring most fight fans, including Bradley before the decision was announced by Michael Buffer (according to his facial expressions and body language), thought that Manny pulled out the win. Of course the history books report different. Bradley was crowned the victor and New WBO welter weight champion by two of the three judges at ringside. It was most definitely a controversial decision. Fast forward two years and two fights later for both men this will be a fire fight in my opinion. Both men have questions to answer. Pacquiao suffered a devastating knockout loss to rival Juan Manuel Marquez and won a unanimous decision over tougher than leather Brandon Rios. Bradley won a unanimous decision in the fight of the year slug fest against Ruslan Provodnikov and a split decision over Marquez where he looked more like Floyd Mayweather Jr. than Timothy Bradley Jr. He employed the famous Mayweather shoulder roll and clearly out boxed the older future hall of famer. One thing for sure. Mr Bradley is not the same fighter that looked lost at times against Pacquiao. He is much sharper and more polished than he was in that first fight. Does Pac Man still have the ability and fire in his belly that made him a pound for pound great or will he prove that father time is tugging on his trunks tonight? I predict that the canvas will taste blood and keep one of these two champions from touching the coliseum floor. In other words, somebody will get knocked the “F” out in the words of Chris Tucker’s Friday character Smokey. That’s what both fighters are selling. Hopefully that’s what all of the pay per view subscribers are buying. We’ll see.


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