Pressing Clowney about the bench.


RAC and Vrabel will tighten up his technique

RAC and Vrabel will tighten up his technique

These cats are tripping about Clowney’s bench press. Does that big ass dude really look like he’s not strong enough to play in the league? Let ya boy hip u to something. Benching for reps has more to do with stamina than strength. An athlete that works out for strength may not be able to perform well when it comes to counting reps. For example, I was working out with a friend of mine that could out bench me by 30 or 40 pounds when it came to maxing out. We were lifting light weight and high reps because that’s all I had in my room. So I was accustomed to sets of 25 as opposed to heavier reps of 10. He started out easy enough, but in the middle of that 3rd set of 20 he was struggling to get to 15 while I was still going strong at my sets. Also I’m sure that there are some ripped up body builders that look like they can lift the team bus but can’t out max a hay bailer that has a keg for a mid-section. Most of these people that are criticizing everything he does have no athletic experience beyond t ball and 9th grade b team basketball, if that. What I’m getting at is experience plays some role in commentating credibility rather it be print, television or radio. Yes, common sense is important and the eye test does not often lie, but if you never really been a weight head, then you won’t have the perspective that it takes to truly criticize, constructively or otherwise, someones performance on the bench press test. What should be the concern about this young man is that he admits that his technique was never really a priority because he has always played on talent. 12 would like to see Clowney in Deep Steel Blue on Sundays making life miserable for Luck twice a year.
12 Shall Return!

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