Assessent of Marcos Maidana

I took some time out of my day to catch a few of Marcos Maidana’s fights. The Argentinian born slugger will face the pound for pound best boxer in the game, by most boxing enthusiasts, Floyd “Money” Mayweataher Jr on may 3rd. He has a flare for changing the climate of a fight in a single instant. In his 2010 match up against Amir Khan, who will be fighting on the mayweather-vs-maidana-the-momentMay 3rd under card, Maidana seemed over matched and out classed for the majority of the fight. Khan dropped him in the first round with a left-right body combo and it looked like he wouldn’t make it to the 2nd. King Khan was too fast, long, and skilled for the slow of foot Maidana up until the 10th round. He appeared to be out of gas and clueless on how to slow down Khan but he kept coming. His relentlessness, which is his calling card, put him in position to land that “one big punch” that punchers often look for against superior boxers. He got his wish when an overhand right kissed Khan on the cheek and buckled his knees. For the remainder of the round Khan was in survival mode. Referee Joe Cortez helped him survive by stepping between the two on multiple occasions even though there were no clinches being applied. I think that he wanted Khan to survive. Khan took repeated shots to the head and wasn’t swinging back for a vast majority of the round. I thought that Cortez was stepping in to stop the fight each time he approached the fighters but he was merely breaking them apart even though Maidana was still letting the hands go and Khan was reaching to clinch. Khan squeaked out the victory even though the judges scored it a unanimous decision. I say he squeaked it out because he shouldn’t have made it out of the 10th round. That should have been a stoppage in my opinion. In 2013 Maidana squared off against a game Joseito Lopez and appeared to be getting out boxed in this fight as well. He was hurt with another body shot and nearly fell to the canvas but once again he kept coming. An overhand right, his other calling card, caught Lopez on the chin and sent him to a knee. The referee counted to 7 and Lopez was ready to face his attacker again. Maidana brought the lumber again and landed several hard shots to Lopez’s head again, like he did against Khan, but this time the ref stepped in to get Maidana off of his opponents ass and called it a done deal. 6th round tko.
Maidana brushed Adrien Broner’s face for him on Dec. 14, 2013 when he beat the brash out of the cocky young boxer for his 1st loss. Broner is talented as hell but he’s too cute with his antics. I don’t like cute fighters. They are more flash than substance. They think that because they have a quick jab and sparkly trunks that hey are championship material. One thing that many of these guys don’t have is CORAZON aka HEART!!!! Broner will be back, make no mistake about it, because he just has too much talent to fall off. He showed some heart to withstand the pressure that El Chino brought to the ring but that aforementioned relentlessness and overhand right put him on his backside for the first time in his career and ultimately earned him his 1st L. Broner will be fighting as well on the May 3rd under card.
With all that being said, Maidana will get a boxing lesson when he faces the Money man. Floyd Mayweather is all business in the ring. He leaves that cute nonsense for the pre-fight promotions. Maidana had problems with Khan and Lopez’s speed but Floyd is faster. He had problems with cracking their defense early in the fights, but Floyd is perhaps the greatest defensive fighter of all time. El Chino is too deliberate with offense and his defense is practically non-existent which will leave him as a sitting duck for a masterful counter puncher like Money. There may be a stoppage because Maidana ain’t shy about eating leather to get in close to land that big right hand. I would say that he has a punchers chance but I’ve only seen Mayweather get hit consistently in one fight, and that was against Miguel Cotto. If you notice, he brought his father, Floyd Sr, back into the fold to put more emphasis on his defense during training camp. He hadn’t been hit since. Probably not once. All jokes aside, I am a fan of Marcos Maidana now that I have seen him in workman like action but this will not be a good match up for him. Look at it this way, he has a chance to earn a huge payday to provide for his mate and children, which includes a new baby girl, and garner some respect in the game by giving the undisputed champ all that he can handle. Congrats Mr “El Chino” from one father to another.
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The need for more diversity in Houston Sports Talk Radio

Houston Texas is quite possibly the most culturally diverse city on Earth. It’s also on the list for one of the most enthusiastic sports towns in America. Just by sheer population numbers alone, the bayou city will rank among the top cities when it comes to sport fan density. My problem is, and has always been, that the diversity is not represented on our major sports talk stations. Namely 610 and 790. Most of the hosts are suburban born and raised with suburban view points. The issue with this is that many of the athletes that they cover are young black men from a completely different environment. I’m a 37 year old black man from a lower income neighborhood that happens to love sports and quite possibly addicted to sports talk. The only reason that I can relate with these suburbanite hosts is because my neighborhood was bused to schools in the Cypress, Tx suburbs and I grew up with alot of these guys. My high School played against Adam Clanton’s Cy-Creek Cougars regularly and I played along side many young men from middle to upper class backgrounds. So I’m no stranger to multiple view points. When it comes to the hosts on 610 and 790, the only cats that seemed to cover a perspective from my background is N.D. Kalu and former J&R co-host Josh Ennis(due to the fact that he went to a predominantly black school).

The reason that I finally addressed this issue is because I was listening to B-Straw and Pauly G show when they were addressing DeSean Jackson’s alleged gang affiliation with a certain group of Crips. I’m not sure which one of the two made the statement that I’m about to address but the statement was made that they understand why the L.A.P.D. disliked the Crips. He basically painted the Crips to be scum of the Earth criminals and the police department protecting the innocent world from this scourge. On the other hand he gave the PD a pass like they had nothing to do with the formation of the gang problem. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t condone the practice of young black men shooting each other up over colors and neighborhood affiliations. Most of them have no idea what they are fighting over. It’s madness to say the least. The problem that I had with the statement is the fact that they obviously had no idea what the history was between the L.A.P.D. and the gangs of So Cal.

Here’s a very brief history…
There was a migration of black families from the south to the west coast during the period preceding the 60s. They were in search of job opportunities that were not present in the Jim Crow south. As these families moved in, the white inhabitants began to get uncomfortable with the influx of black faces. Some of the younger whites decided to gang up and go into these areas where the blacks were moving in and they started assaulting random blacks. The blacks, tired of the abuse, decided to group up and form defensive teams for the different communities. The police did very little or sometimes NOTHING at all to aid these people. Eventually the police turned on these people and the footage is proof. They were beat, unjustly arrested, attacked by police dogs, and sometimes murdered. The local government did NOTHING to stop this violence perpetrated on “American Citizens”. The Black Panther Party was formed to defend against the unlawful law men and several gun fights ensued between the corrupt L.A.P.D. and The People’s Party. As the 70s came to a close and the Panthers were, all scattered, incarcerated, murdered, or displaced globally their children grouped up to form the Crips(Community Representatives In Progress). Originally the Crips were out to do the same thing that their parents, The Black Panther Party were formed to do. They protected their communities from invading danger like drug dealers and crooked cops. Eventually and unfortunately, without the guidance of their predecessors, they leaned towards offensive violence instead of violence in the name of self preservation. The rival gangs, like the Bloods, were formed as the Crips went from neighborhood to neighborhood recruiting. The ones that did not want to join were attacked and so they organized themselves to be protected against the Crips. They also had to deal with the Bigoted L.A.P.D. on a daily basis. It wasn’t until the Rodney King beating was caught on video that the world seen what was going on in the different inner city areas in the US.
My main point is that only an uniformed person can make a statement condemning one party and uplifting the other that are in opposition when both have done wrong. The fact is that the gangs of L.A. would never have been necessary or even existed if the racist white residents and racists Police departments had not been unjustly attacking hard working people just because they were black. Both the Police and the Gangs are wrong in regards to their actions towards innocent people.

All perspectives need to be represented. 790 has one black host who has a 2 hour show. 610 has two black full time hosts who only host on the weekends. Travis Johnson is a guest host at times. There are no Hispanic hosts besides John Lopez on either station. I’m not attacking Lopez, but if he didn’t say that his last name was Lopez or occasionally bring up the old barrio I would think that he was one of those other suburban dudes speaking for everybody. Maybe I need to give 1590 a shot and see what demographics they cover. All I ask is for a little more diversity to represent the various cultural viewpoints.
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Pac Man vs Desert Storm II…The Day after

This fight was worth the money, even though neither fighter got knocked out. I believe that Timothy Bradley burned himself out by going for the knockout from the second round on. He threw every ounce of his body weight and strength into every punch he threw at Pacquiao’s head and body. One punch landed squarely on Pacquiao’s chin and lifted him a couple of inches off the ground. Pac Man admitted to Max K that he got his bell rung during the match. At the end of the day, the better fighter won. Manny P won a unanimous decision and regained the WBO welterweight title that he lost to Bradley 2 years ago. What I’m left with is the impression that neither fighter is the same fighter that they were 2 ago. Paquiao is clearly showing a deterioration of pop in his punches and Bradley is obviously more polished. The one thing that has not changed is the fact that Timothy Bradley Jr has the biggest heart of any athlete that I have ever seen. He takes these big shots and appears to be out on his feet but finds the unconscious strength to compete. I think that he has some sort of connection with the spirit world because he appears to be possessed while he’s swinging after catching a shot on the chin that would drop most professional pugilists. I’m worried about his long term health though. He does not know the meaning of quit and that may lead to damage of his person. Hopefully not because his courage makes you want to root for him. Now the question is, what’s next for Manny?
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Pac Man vs Desert Storm II

In a few hours the reigning WBO welterweight champion Timothy “Desert Storm” Bradley Jr and the legendary former welterweight/ 8 division titleholder Manny “Pac Man” Pacquiao will settle a two year old score that they and the world needs closure on. The last time they met in the ring most fight fans, including Bradley before the decision was announced by Michael Buffer (according to his facial expressions and body language), thought that Manny pulled out the win. Of course the history books report different. Bradley was crowned the victor and New WBO welter weight champion by two of the three judges at ringside. It was most definitely a controversial decision. Fast forward two years and two fights later for both men this will be a fire fight in my opinion. Both men have questions to answer. Pacquiao suffered a devastating knockout loss to rival Juan Manuel Marquez and won a unanimous decision over tougher than leather Brandon Rios. Bradley won a unanimous decision in the fight of the year slug fest against Ruslan Provodnikov and a split decision over Marquez where he looked more like Floyd Mayweather Jr. than Timothy Bradley Jr. He employed the famous Mayweather shoulder roll and clearly out boxed the older future hall of famer. One thing for sure. Mr Bradley is not the same fighter that looked lost at times against Pacquiao. He is much sharper and more polished than he was in that first fight. Does Pac Man still have the ability and fire in his belly that made him a pound for pound great or will he prove that father time is tugging on his trunks tonight? I predict that the canvas will taste blood and keep one of these two champions from touching the coliseum floor. In other words, somebody will get knocked the “F” out in the words of Chris Tucker’s Friday character Smokey. That’s what both fighters are selling. Hopefully that’s what all of the pay per view subscribers are buying. We’ll see.


Pressing Clowney about the bench.


RAC and Vrabel will tighten up his technique

RAC and Vrabel will tighten up his technique

These cats are tripping about Clowney’s bench press. Does that big ass dude really look like he’s not strong enough to play in the league? Let ya boy hip u to something. Benching for reps has more to do with stamina than strength. An athlete that works out for strength may not be able to perform well when it comes to counting reps. For example, I was working out with a friend of mine that could out bench me by 30 or 40 pounds when it came to maxing out. We were lifting light weight and high reps because that’s all I had in my room. So I was accustomed to sets of 25 as opposed to heavier reps of 10. He started out easy enough, but in the middle of that 3rd set of 20 he was struggling to get to 15 while I was still going strong at my sets. Also I’m sure that there are some ripped up body builders that look like they can lift the team bus but can’t out max a hay bailer that has a keg for a mid-section. Most of these people that are criticizing everything he does have no athletic experience beyond t ball and 9th grade b team basketball, if that. What I’m getting at is experience plays some role in commentating credibility rather it be print, television or radio. Yes, common sense is important and the eye test does not often lie, but if you never really been a weight head, then you won’t have the perspective that it takes to truly criticize, constructively or otherwise, someones performance on the bench press test. What should be the concern about this young man is that he admits that his technique was never really a priority because he has always played on talent. 12 would like to see Clowney in Deep Steel Blue on Sundays making life miserable for Luck twice a year.
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