Canelo v Angulo

I am a boxing fan, but I must admit that I haven’t seen many matches lately.  I usually catch the Mayweather fights and that’s about it these days.  I decided t get my ass off of the couch and go watch Canelo Alvarez fight this fighter that they call The Dog.  I guess the All Access worked. I watched a couple of episodes and got boxing fever so I made my way to the sports bar.  Mano a Mano. Toe to Toe.  That was an accurate nick name for this fight. Both fighters gave it all that they had. Canelo was impressive coming off of the boxing lesson that Money May gave him the last time he was in the ring.  For all of the talk about how powerful Angulo is, Alvarez looked much stronger, quicker, and accurate.  He was in control of the entire fight by being a step ahead of El Perro and smothering his strongest punch, the left hook.  Angulo began to catch up with Canelo later in the fight and landed some good shots.  Canelo helped him out by showing some machismo and dropping his hands to his side.  The ref stopped the fight after Canelo landed a solid uppercut to the chin of The Dog.  It was a premature stoppage in my opinion.  Angulo did not appear to be hurt by the shot at all.  His knees didn’t buckle neither did he stagger back after taking the shot.  Canelo even held his arms out in disbelief after the ref stopped it.  These were two proud Mexican warriors that put pride on the line because they both are former champs.  Me being a Money May fan I haven’t seen a good slug fest in a while.  These two men went at it.  Canelo got a little cute at the end when he felt that he had the fight in hand and that Angulo couldn’t hurt him but that’s when he started taking shots to the face.  Big ups to Canelo Alvarez  and El Perro Angulo for giving the fans what we wanted to see.  Thumbs down to the ref for cheating us and the fighters out of a definite conclusion. 12 gone

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