Hol’ Up Man!

Hol’ Up Man!

Man Hol’ Up! That’s a phrase synonymous with Houston Urban Culture.  It’s generally used when someone is getting too excited and needs to take a second to gather themselves.  The phrase is also blurted out when someone says something that needs to be checked.  It’s like saying “pump your brakes” when someone is getting ahead of themselves when stating an opinion.  To these Johnny Manzielites that think he walks on water and to these folks that are hell bent on denying him any credit for being a baller I must say, with a passion, Hol’ Up Man!

I’m sick of hearing all of these white sports fans and analysts say that Manziel is unlike anything that we’ve ever seen.  I’m also sick of the black sports fan that calls the sports talk station with this Elvis Presley, Eminem talk.  Yes, for the most part it’s a racial divide.   America doesn’t really want to discuss real race issues.  They are very dismissive when it’s brought up, even if it’s a very valid argument.  I have to be real about this issue.  There are too many ignorant takes that are fueled by American race relations instead of the football facts!  Many white Americans don’t understand why blacks are so frustrated when it comes to the celebration of white talent.  It’s because anytime a white person does something really good that black people have been doing from its inception they get praised as the greatest or the king.  This is mainly seen in music and sports in modern times but it didn’t start there.  Have you noticed that history is split into two periods? History and Pre-History.  History is when the happenings of Europe started to be written down.  Anything before that is considered pre-historical.  Facts show that Africans had thriving civilizations with oral and recorded history for thousands of years that influenced and educated the first European civilizations such as Greece.  Elvis is supposedly the King of Rock and Roll but everything that made him so popular was learned from him hanging down in the “chocolate quarters” by his own admission.  The Rolling Stones named their band after a Muddy Waters song.  Eminem was crowned the best rapper alive by certain publications that catered to white fan bases because he could do what hundreds of black Emcees before him have done.  Why are they not the best rappers alive?  What made him so special?  It’s the same arrogance at play that allows sports that are predominately carried out in America to crown a “world’s champion” at seasons end when the world hasn’t participated.

Man Hol’ Up!

On the other hand, just because white arrogance pumps up certain people doesn’t mean that these cats don’t have the goods.  Elvis may have adopted his entire style from black artists but the fact remains that Elvis could carry it out on stage.  He was a hell of a performer.  He could work the crowd.  Eminem is a masterful lyricist.  His word play and ability to handle the verbal rhythmic acrobatics make him a formidable battle rapper.  To top it off, his creativity and musical ear gives him the ability to do what the vast majority of battle rappers can’t do….. Make a good song!  Even though he got his hip hop lessons from the creators of the culture,  that does not mean that he isn’t excellent at cracking heads, metaphorically speaking.  Get off the gas angry black man.

Hol’ Up Man!

Back to Johnny Football.  How is he unlike anything that we’ve ever seen?  “WE” see him all of the time.  I grew up in the 80s and 90s and I saw Tommy Frazier of Nebraska do some Amazing things on the football field.  Manziel is a better passer though.  I, #12,  personally did some pretty amazing things as a high school qb in Texas.  Once again Manziel is a better passer than I was because I was shorter than he is and I wasn’t trained to be a traditional QB at all.  I mentioned this in a previous blog The Running Quarterback.  We’ve seen Michael Vick and Randall Cunningham do more amazing things against NFL competition.  Vick is much faster and has a stronger arm than Manziel.  The same people that say that they never seen anything like him in one breath turn around and compare him to Tarkenton, Favre, and Flutie.  I can even say that I’ve seen Mr Steve Young do AMAZING SUPER BOWL WINNING plays with his legs and left arm 20 something years ago.  He did it against 11 NFL players at a time, not against defenses that maybe had 3 future NFL starters on it.  Ease up people!

Man Hol’ Up!

Saying all that, Johnny Manziel is a hell of a football player.  He does do amazing things on the field.  I believe that his skill and attitude will make him a successful NFL QB if he’s drafted into the right situation.  Facts are facts and the eyes don’t lie in this case.  Johnny foot(can)ball.

Hol’ Up 12

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