Interview of former NFL Full Back Adger Armstrong Jr.

ImageResizeServletMe: When did you first know that you loved football?

Adger: As a kid watching NFL & college football I knew I could do that better than most people

Me: You went from Jersey Village High in Houston Texas to Texas A&M during the South West Conference days. What was that experience like?

Adger: Going to A&M was a step closer to my dream to be a teacher and coach. I picked A&M over 300 other colleges that recruited me. I was recruited for three sports including basketball, baseball, and football. Football players were respected and admired.

Me: What years did you attend A&M?

Adger: 75′-78′

Me: Who were the Aggies biggest rivals in those days?

Adger: TEXAS was our “RIVAL”. It (the rivalry)was intense. We hated each other.

Me: How do you feel about the fact that the two schools don’t play against each other anymore since A&M is in the SEC now?

Adger: College football lost a great game for the fans & players to look forward to each year.

Me: I see you played with Former Houston Texans Head coach Gary Kubiak on the 1979 squad. What was he like in those days?

Adger: Kubiak came in 79′ after I left.

Me: How do you feel about his tenure as head coach of the Texans?

Adger: Kubiak as TEXANS coach? He raised the level of play and won a couple of AFC South titles. He never utilized his receivers as well as I thought he could. Speed kills…Jones, Posey, Holiday, Hopkins…He’s a great offensive coach, but not a great play caller.

Me: Here’s the obligatory Johnny Manziel question. LOL. Any thoughts on Johnny Manziel’s NFL chances? Where do you see Sumlin taking the Aggie program?

Adger: Aggies have their hands full replacing Johnny Football. You can’t realistically replace a dynamic player like him. He has skills not very many players possess…..good luck

Me: You were signed as an undrafted free agent by the Houston Oilers in 1980. That was during the tail end of the Luv Ya Blue days right?

Adger: 1980′ was the tail end of the Luv Ya Blue era…Houston was crazy ’bout us.

Me: You are listed as a Full Back for the Oilers but as a Tail Back in College Station. Some running backs find it difficult to make that switch either physically or egotistically. How was that transition for you? Did you get a chance to block for the great Earl Campbell?

Adger: Spent the first year behind Earl(Campbell) and Rob(Carpenter). Bum had a heart to heart talk with me about getting to play. Best chance was at fullback. No brainer. I took the opportunity. Nickel, short yardage, and goal line package was my way to the playing field. I had the best hands on the team. In 6 years in the league I had the 1 dropped pass.

Me: After watching the documentary about the ’93 Houston Oilers I can see how behind the scenes issues can ruin the chemistry of a talented team. What was the locker room like during your time with the Oilers?

Adger: Chemistry is important to any team. The Oilers’ locker room was off the chain literally. We had fun. Pranks and jokes. Oh yeah I miss the locker room.

Me: Many times people are praised for being these outstanding types after they die. It’s like it’s bad luck to say anything bad about someone after they die. Bum Phillips is no different. He recently passed and people have wonderful things to say about him. Was he as wonderful as people say? How did you feel about Bum back in those days?

Adger: Bum Phillips was as advertised. He was truly a great man & football coach. He challenged us to perform and created the perfect atmosphere for us to compete.

Me: Did you get a chance to interact with his son Wade? If so, what was Wade like in the 80s?

Adger: Wade was d line coach. He was a player’s coach. His guys were well prepared for battle on Sunday. Now he had only 2 hall of famers in Curly Culp & Elivn Bethea.

Me: What about the Bucs? If I remember correctly those teams had some pretty rough times prior to the Dungy, Sapp, Brooks, Lynch, Barber, Dunn, Alstot days. As you can tell, I was a big fan of that squad. Lol.

Adger: Tampa was horrible. Worst experience in team sports in my life. We threw away 10 games by 3 points or less in 84′-85′. We had a different offensive line in 15 of the 16 games. You can’t win like that.

Me: With all of the modern rule changes regarding player safety, do you think that the game is getting watered down? Could you play in today’s game with rules like the running backs can’t make contact with the top of the helmet?

Adger: I could play today easily. Fullback position is fundamental football. There’s only one way to play: smash mouth, go straight through the line backers grill….ALL GAME…LOL

Me: I hear that the league and player association are discussing taking Marijuana off of the banned substance list because so many players are smoking the reefer. Do you think that Marijuana, and illegal drugs in general, are more in use in today’s NFL than when you played?

Adger: DRUG USE HAS ZERO PLACE IN SPORTS…..PERIOD! (Caps emphasis his)

Me: What did playing football in college and the NFL teach you about life and how did playing football affect your life?

Adger: Football taught me that you’re going to fall or get knocked down. It’s what you do afterwards that defines who you are. The most important lesson..SUCCESS ISN’T A DESTINATION IT’S A JOURNEY…KEEP MOVING FORWARD NO MATTER WHAT…NO ROOM FOR EXCUSES.(Caps emphasis his)

Me: Is there anything that you would like to let the people know that we didn’t cover in this interview?

Adger: There needs to be counseling for life after sports. You play sports for a short time of your life and you have another 40-50 years left of your adult life.

I would like to thank Mr Armstrong for taking the time grant me this exclusive interview. May your next 40-50 years be prosperous and joyous.
12 is ghost!

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