Is it time to say Goodbye to #80?

Some, including the Owner of the Houston Texans Robert McNair, don’t want to face the fact that our beloved Bulls could very well be in rebuild mode.  Yes we have a young veteran core presence to build upon, but how certain are we that this core will be deep enough to build upon?  To save $$$$ on the cap many of those vets may well be bidding us adios or should I say Rick Smith will be wishing them good luck after they clean out their lockers and head towards their next destination.  Word is that the Ninja is pretty much a lock to play in another city next year unless the NFL grants Houston a second franchise like the L.A. market had with the Raiders and Rams for a while.  D Manning is coming off of a season that ended with a serious injury and so is my favorite LB in the league, The Cush!  No one knows how Brian Cushing’s body is going to respond to a second off season of rehab and what about his mental state?  We know he eats, sleeps, and bleeds football but he’s also a human being.  J Jo is getting paid big bucks but, due to recent nagging injuries, played like a middle of the road JAG(Just A Guy) like Seth Payne would say.  Chris Meyers is going to be a pretty big hit on the cap as well.  What about Arian?  Will he return to form?  Tate is heading to greener pastures aka bank accounts.  The BIG whammy is that the Texans don’t have a QB on the roster that can be considered a legit NFL starter next season.  They will be hanging their hopes on rookie QB most likely and like most rookies will have to go through the ugly afro stage before he can sport a nice clean set of corn rows, or in today’s NFL, a freshly done set of Dreadlocks.  For those that don’t get the hair reference let me explain.  When black people grow our hair out, it gets to a certain length that’s a little too long to be considered a nice hair cut, but too short to braid.  If you’re growing Dreads, then it has to be twisted and can look like a porcupine’s back until it gets long enough to lay down.  What I’m getting at is that the new QB could go through growing pains until he get’s acclimated to the speed and schemes of the highest level.  He may eventually be a nice set of Dreadlocks or he could end up being matted homeless hair(no insensitivity intended to the homeless).  Either way, Dre has carried himself as a pros pro and has been considered in the upper echelon of WRs in the league for the majority of his career all while playing with shell shocked Carr and Noodle Arm Schaab who looks for a place to lay down anytime he feels a finger get too close to his jersey.  He has been as consistent as the dictionary spelling of consistent.  The spelling doesn’t change and neither does his production.  He only fell off when he was injured and came back as good as ever each time.  I’m Andre Johnson’s biggest fan or at least in the running for the top spot, but I don’t want to see him go through another few years hoping a QB can put a solid season together so that they can get over the hump.  He had over 1400 yards last year so that shows that he can still get it done on a high level at this stage of his career.  This is blasphemy in Houston and I may be stoned for saying it, or sound stoned, but I would rather see my boy get traded to a contender next season and compete for a ring.  I would love to see him play in Carolina with Cam and Steve Smith for a season or two or in Green Bay to catch TDs from Mr Baaaad Man Rodgers.  Green Bay has Rodgers coming back healthy and a ton of cap room.  May be ideal for him with the exception of the Miami native playing in the frozen tundra for half of a season.  If you remember when Dre was asked was he happy in Houston his response was “I’m under contract”.  To me that meant if he didn’t have to be here and piss his career away, then  he would rather be somewhere else at that moment.  Don’t get me wrong, I assume I’m with the majority of Texans fans when I say that I want to see #80 retire a Texan and have his Jersey retired and hung in the ring of honor at Reliant stadium.  I just want to see the man get a legit shot to play with a top QB that won’t fold under pressure or don’t have it between the ears or legs to get the job done.  There was a possibility that Peyton Manning could have been a Texan a couple of seasons ago but I believe that Kubiak shot that down because he wanted somebody to run his system the way that he called it and that just aint #18’s bag.  He has to scream Omaha and Hurry Hurry at the line of scrimmage and that would have made Kubiak’s signature buzz cut turn gray right before falling out completely if he didn’t pull it out first.  I think that Andre Johnson has high trade value right now and the Texans have many holes to fill especially if they are going to hit the field with a Rook calling signals.  One thing for sure, there won’t be a receiver coming out in the draft that will be as good as Andre Johnson will be next year.  I’m sure most NFL teams will jump at the opportunity to snag the future hall of famer, especially those teams like Carolina who are just a couple pf pieces away from competing with Seattle and San Fran for the top spot in the NFC.  They won’t sacrifice the future of their organization but I can see a couple of high draft picks coming the Texans way and it could help Dre get to a winner.  Do this man a solid after all he has given the Texans franchise and Houston in general and let have the chance to win now.  Ok I’m ready for the stones.

12 is splittin

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