Give him his props

I know this is a few days after the fact but I finally got the time to sit down and write my feelings down about the critiques of Florida State’s QB Famous Jameis Winston.  I heard several sports analysts say that he was in over his head and that Auburn’s defense was beating him up.  I must admit, even though I’m an avid Noles fan since ’94, that I thought he had the deer in the headlights look.  The young man showed that he had the stones to push through the storm and survive even though he got drenched.

My real issue was that instead of this young man getting applauded for overcoming his own struggles and a hell of an effort by Auburn, his come back was sold short.  Commentators were saying things like he really was not impressive because he threw a 4 yard pass that the receiver turned into 40 yard gain.  Or that the final TD was just a jump ball that he threw up to a 6’5 receiver.

If I’m not mistaken, one of the responsibilities of a QB is to know your personnel and put the ball where he can utilize his skills best.  Joe Montana is deified for the throws, like The Catch, that he made to Clark, Rice and Taylor over the years.  The Catch is shown every time a football highlight reel runs across the tv screen.  It was the same type of throw and catch that Montana threw to Clark.  What makes Montana a genius for making that throw and  Winston lucky for making his?

As for the 4yard throw that the receiver turned into a big gain, how can they short change his placement of the ball?  Yes the receiver caught the ball 4 yards from the line of scrimmage, but the ball was placed in the perfect spot where the receiver caught the ball in stride at top speed.  It’s called throwing the receiver open.  How many times have we Texans fans yelled obscenities when we saw Matt Schaub under throw Andre Johnson?  Or throw to where a receiver had to stop to make the catch and get no YAC?

This youngster has the goods.  I’m not surprised that he had trouble against the Tiger defense, especially sense it has been revealed that they knew the signals that were being sent in.  Don’t downplay how good he his and how good he’s going be. Sure he has some growing to do, no doubt.  But Famous Jameis can be an all-time great college QB if he continues to grow and correct his mistakes. Also don’t believe the hype. The next level won’t give a damn about his college exploits or news clippings.  Can he play or not is all the only thing that will matter.

As for now, Auburn knows that he can shoot it.  And so does the ACC competition.  Jameis, If you gone do it then, Do It BIG!!!!

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