The NBA Sunk Contest

Talk to me young world.  It’s been a minute since we last rapped.  I wanted to touch basis with my people for a few ticks and  see where y’all are at with it.

I just happened to stumble up on the NBA slam dunk contest last night as I strolled into my favorite watering hole to enjoy a nice cold IPA.  Yes I’m a beer snob, but that’s not what’s in question right now.  The actual question is has the NBA slam dunk contest gone to a sunken place?

get out

The above picture describes my feelings about the dunk contest perfectly without saying a word.  It’s not that the contest didn’t exhibit some entertaining feats of athleticism that the majority of the human family couldn’t come remotely close to doing, because the contestants did have hops.  The problem was that the star power was nowhere to be found and hasn’t been for a while.

Now I admit that I haven’t been keeping up with the NBA these days like I used to because honestly I’m not a fan of the way the game is played in contemporary times.  The one thing that hasn’t changed is the raw athleticism that these boyz bring to the table, but the way that professional basketball was played when I grew up is pretty much extinct.  So naturally my interest in watching basketball has waned at about the same pace as the game has morphed into what it is today.  I wouldn’t say that it’s a worse brand of ball, just not my personal flavor.

Saying all of that, I’m not very familiar with the current players if they don’t play for my hometown Houston Rockets or are not big name players that get talked about regularly on sports talk media outlets.  Out of the four poster makers that participated in the contest I only knew who 2 of them were.  I’ve never heard of the Maverick’s Dennis Smith Jr or the eventual winner Utah’s Donovan Mitchell.  I knew who Indiana’s Victor Oladipo was because he not only mashed in previous slam dunk contests, he was a part of the trade that brought one of my favorite players in Paul George to OKC.

If Larry Nance Sr hadn’t won the inaugural NBA slam dunk contest in 1984 against the likes of an aging , yet iconic, Julius “Dr. J” Irving and an up and coming Dominique Wilkins I wouldn’t have had a clue who Nance Jr was either.

While the four high flyers brought the crowd to their feet several times throughout the duration of the contest I found myself underwhelmed.  Not only due to Oladipo’s 150 failed attempts at making the same dunk(even though he did wear The Black Panter’s mask for one of ’em), but I had none of my favorite players to cheer for like I did when I was a youngster.

Ok let me clear the old school dust out of my throat as I take a trip down “back in my day” lane.  I remember when the NBA dunk contest was must see TV for me.  I didn’t give a damn about the All-Star game itself or the rest of the season for that matter as much as I did for the post 3 point contest mash off.

In those days the NBA’s best players/brightest stars competed against each other for the title of Lord of Dunk.  There was nothing like seeing the Human Highlight Film aka ‘Nique powering his way to a 50 point perfect score using his explosive two-feet take off style verses the Michael “Air” Jordan one foot artistic gliding style that was full of flare and finesse.  It just so happened that those two brothas were also battling for NBA scoring titles throughout their primes.

Everybody, and I mean EV-ER-Y damn BODY wanted to see those two go at it on All-Star Saturday night.  Add in the 5’7 Anthony Spud Webb, Clyde “The Glyde” Drexler, Shawn “Rain Man” Kemp,  The Mamba, Vince Carter, T Mac, Stevie “Franchise” Francis etc, and you could get even the most fringest of the fringe fan to tune in.


I mean even without the names, you still have solid dunkers like Zach LaVine who won the 2015 and 2016 dunk contests.  He out-dueled fellow sky walker Aaron Gordon in 2016 to bring home the trophy in consecutive years, even though I thought Gordon should’ve won.  You judge for yourself ‘cuz this was a classic baby.

Last night I saw some cool dunks, but none of them were as memorable as Jordan from the free throw line, ‘Nique’s two hand wind mill, Carter’s reverse 360 windmill, or even Gerald Green’s cupcake dunk in my opinion.  Congrats to Mitchell for his well deserved victory though.  He laid down some nice dunks, including a tribute to Vince Cater, when he imitated Carter by wearing his Raptors’ jersey and performing one of VC’s dunks from the 2000 mash fest.  He didn’t get off of the ground like Vince though.  Well very few people in history could have.

Gerald Green

It seems that today’s top players aren’t the explosive dunkers of yesteryear.  Steph Curry, James Harden, Kevin Durant, and Kawhi Leonard aren’t known as phenomenal “dunkers” even though they all can technically dunk.  Lebron James and Russell Westbrook are both devastating in game dunkers, but have their own reasons for not being a part of it.  Here’s an article explaining Westbrook’s  position on taking part.

My suggestion to the NBA is to go outside of the NBA confines and host a world wide street ball dunk contest competition where the world’s best square off against each other and the winner enters the NBA competition on All-Star weekend.  I think that would get the fans into it.  Maybe that’s just a pipe dream though, because the NBA probably wouldn’t want to risk it’s reputation as sitting atop of the basketball hierarchy by letting a non member member show up it’s stars.

Either way I’d love to see the dunk contest make a strong consistent comeback by any means necessary.


The Rockets Are Building a Wall in SE Texas

Look out Young World.  It’s Ya manz 12 broadcasting live from the Corner Store.

I just read an article on about how the Houston Rockets are quietly putting together a nice defensive roster.  I noticed the direction that they were going in a few weeks ago when they were rumored to have traded for the Cleveland Cavaliers’ wing Iman Shumpert after trading for Chris “CP3” Paul, but instead signed P.J. Tucker who has been described as a bigger Patrick Beverly.  Instead of just rehashing the off-season moves that the dream shake covered very thoroughly, I’ll just share the link so that you can see for yourself what the Rockets are building over there in Downtown Houston.

I’m glad that MY Rockets aren’t just waiting around for the Melo deal to manifest itself.  I’ve made it known that Melo is one of my all-time favorite players and I’ll lose my Rockets loving mind if they actually punch this damn thing in ‘cuz they’ve been at the two yard line for a few quarters now, but I’ll be a homerized fool to think that just by adding Melo’s shooting touch and post game will automatically put us in position to beat the Warriors.

The Dubz can not only chuck it, they can pick it too, like they used to say in the Negro Baseball Leagues.  Everyone concentrates on how they put the ball in the hoop from behind the 3 point arc, but very rarely are they complemented by the average fan for the hard nose defense that they play.  It looks like MY Rox are following that same blueprint by bringing in these defensive minded players to help US make a run at this thing.  They have no other choice but to make these moves ‘cuz we all know that they would literally be insane if they thought that doing what D’Antoni has always done will get us to the top of Kilimanjaro.  Hopefully OUR defense will be good enough to earn a playa nickname like some of the NFL’s best defenses have earned.  I know maybe they’ll call US


Now in the name of his highness Hakeem Olajuwon, please finalize this Melo deal so that we can see just how interesting the Western Conference will get.  And of course we’ll be on #LebronWatch2018 after that.

We ain’t never satisfied


Is Michael Vick on Point or On That Dope?


Salutations young world.  The proverbial ISH has officially hit the fan once again.  This time it was Michael Vick who picked up the DOG poo and launched it up in the air towards the spinning blades of the social media universe.

So here’s the scoop.  I logged into my Facebook account this morning and visited my 2nd favorite sports group, Man Up H-Town Sports Talk(since The Corner Store Sports Talk Group is my fav), and the 1st thing I saw was “Michael Vick Tells Kaep(Colin Kaepernick) to cut his hair”.  I didn’t even have to read the post to know that he was called all seven species of Coons since that’s the buzzword of the “woke” folk these days.  And I proved myself a prophet when I read the comments and saw that he was branded Procyon Lotor Lotor, Procyon Lotor Maritimus, Procyon Lotor Salutus, Procyon Lotor Litoreus, Procyon Lotor Elucus, Procyon Lotor Inesperatus, Procyon Lotor Auspicatus, Procyon Lotor Varius, and a whole bunch of other Prycon Lotors aka differnt types of raccoons.

I decided to take a listen to the footage from FS1’s Speak For Yourself,  with Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock, aka Fats Fadora or Dub F for short, to see what the man actually said just in case the Coon Goons took what he said out of context and went on the war path.  After all many of these same people wanted to brand Jim Brown with their coon symbol, after meeting with Trump, like he was pledging for their frat or some shit.  Here’s Vick in his own words.


That’s the 1st thing that came out of the brother’s mouth.  I like to be objective in these matters so I refrained from getting caught up in the emotions of the other commentators on this particular Facebook post.  1st of all, I don’t have a huge problem with what Mike said, but I do have a problem with where he said it.  I’m not a fan of black people with a certain amount of notoriety getting on public broadcasting mediums and airing out our differences on matters of race.  Some things just need to be addressed behind closed doors.

Agents like Dub F Whitlock, who routinely bleaches his teeth and shines his tap shoes before putting them on to give his best effort to entertain Missa Charlie, can’t wait for someone to come on his show and down talk what another brother has going on.  If I’m not mistaken, I think I heard him chuckle when Vick 1st said Kaep needed to cut his hair.  That type of stuff just tickles his Uncle Ruckas bone.  If it wasn’t him I’m just gonna say he did it anyway because it sounds like something that he’d dig.  It seems like he feels validated when another melinated person slightly agrees, even unintentionally, with his self-hating self-righteous bloviating(to steal a phrase from Stephen A Smith who’s also been called a coon a time or two by the Goons]).

This reminds me of when Jackie Robinson was asked how he felt about Muhammad Ali’s refusal to be inducted into the United States Army during the Vietnam conflict.

I assume that Jackie Robinson was a Coon too?  Like Vick, I don’t think Mr Robinson should have addressed this issue over the air waves.  I’m quite certain that he could have reached out to Ali and personally shared his views with that man, just like Vick could have done to Kaep, and If they decided to agree to disagree then so it shall be.  Don’t give the racist/oppressive establishment any ammunition to use against another brother or sister if they’re not maliciously hurting anyone. (I would say if they’re not doing anything wrong, but Mr. Ali was actually breaking a law by refusing to step forward when his name was called.  Many people felt that he was in the right however). Mainly due to the fact that they love to stick a microphone and camera in a black person’s face that they know will speak against what the black majority are saying.  It’s like they’re trying to say “Look, it’s not about race.  ‘Insert Black Person’s Name’ doesn’t feel this way.”

Kaepernick, who is now being compared to Muhammad Ali, is the exact opposite.  He has broken no laws, but is being treated as though he has a wrap sheet a mile long.

Charlemagne Tha God, of the Breakfast Club, and former NFL great turned television analyst Shannon Sharpe both felt the need to remind Mr. Vick, who cut his signature braids off and found Jesus, shortly after being indicted on felony charges, that his situation and Kaep’s were two totally different things.


Back, to Vick’s comments…. Again, although I don’t agree with what he said I don’t feel like he went to the depths of coonism.  Not quite Fats Fedora level.  His basic point is that, “Yo Kaep, These white billionaires sign your checks and they don’t like the whole Max Julien look.  It either offends them or intimidates them.”  Kaep responded by tweeting the definition of Stockholm Syndrome.


I don’t think Vick suffers from this affliction.  I simply think that he got the rebel scared out of him when he realized that he could have lost everything that he worked so hard to attain.  Fortunately for him his “good behavior” opened the door for him to get another shot to land on an NFL roster.   Vick’s “stay in line” attitude didn’t just start with his most recent comments.  When it got out that his former Eagles teammate Riley Cooper made racists comments at a concert, Vick was the main voice of “reason” when most of his other black teammates had a serious problem with being in the same locker room as Cooper.

As you heard, Michael Vick also says that he doesn’t think that Kaep isn’t signed because of his national Anthem protest from last season.  He feels that his last two seasons were just not good enough to generate enough interest from NFL teams to send a contract his way.  Well my thoughts are that Vick is either naive as hell or still extremely afraid to upset the NFL brass even though he is officially retired.  He seems to forget that before he signed with the Eagles his previous two seasons weren’t all that fly either.  They were spent in the penitentiary, but Andy Reid gave him a shot when he touched down.  And Blaine Gabbert’s whole career has looked worse than Kaep’s last two seasons.

This whole “cut your hair to appease white America” goes far beyond the professional gridiron landscape.  It’s a real thing man.  I remember back in maybe 2002 I was going to my 2nd interview for a job.  I thought the 1st interview went flawless, but I didn’t have time to get my hair braided before I came to the 2nd one.  Needless to say, I had a nice fluffy picked out Afro on display for this encounter.  I could tell by the way he looked at me that the hair threw him off so I decided to apologize for not getting my hair braided before I came to the interview.  He assured me that it was ok, but he said that it could be a little shorter.  As a matter of fact he felt more comfortable with my Fro than he did with my freshly done corn rows.  In his words my “plaited hair was too ethnic”.  So I know 1st hand how it feels to be told I look too black for a job.  I didn’t get the job by the way.

I’ll close out by saying that even though some people might say or do things that you don’t agree with or appreciate that doesn’t mean that they’re a full blown coon, but for some people like Dub F, the King Coon, if the fedora fits then wear it proudly.


Rivers Rant: Houston, We have a surprise!


By the miracle of Moon’s mustache the Houston Texans have finally shown the testicular fortitude to go out and trade up to get a quarterback to be THE MAN. Win or lose the Texans actually shot for the target to get the future of the franchise and at the same time breaking a long belief that the front office was racist, in spite of having a Nubian brother running the day to day operations. It got to the point where fans of other teams would openly state there would never be another black QB in the city without a fuck given about our feelings on the matter. Privately there was a certain unspoken place in the heart of every fan in the city that believed it, but publicly was offended by such a thought. We would name every quarterback of color that has taken a snap from Tony Banks to BJ Daniels ignoring the fact that none of the got more than two starts. Well sorry to bury the lead, but with 12th pick, we the Texans of Houston have drafted a muthafucking black quarterback!


To start or not to start?

By the time you read this the Texans will probably be in the West Virginia hills with much cooler/ better temperature than they will have here in town, and the weather is going to be pretty sweet too. The temperature I’m speaking of is the local media which is scorching when it comes to sports. The pressures of having a promising team seems to weigh heavy on the talking heads who call for the jobs of any and everyone involved with team decisions. They hold grudges and ridicule the team on decisions of the past. Most sound like out of town fans but the difference is they like to talk with the assurance of an insider. They make up more stuff than us fanatics in the barbershop.

The Texans not having a quarterback has been a major narrative for God knows how long. The team is damned if they do and damned if the they don’t with local media. They’re hypnotized by hate. They use different argument points to counter rational thinking. Either the team has passed on quality guys with bad draft picks, been scared to trade up to now they gave up too much to get a guy. Not only did they get a guy that for the most part was the popular choice, but have two quality PROFESSIONALS to bring him along. As the saying goes steel sharpens steel.

Not gonna lie it did seem like the organization had a written rule of no competition at the QB spot starting with David Carr. Granted David wasn’t dealt the best hand with no offensive line. (FUCK YOU TONY BOSELLI). Nor was there a much needed veteran quarterback to guide him along his transition into the league. The only competition I remember came four torturous years later on a golf course where the starting spot was decided by a bet between Matt Schaub and new head coach Gary Kubiwack. *not a typo*

The team has stated that Tom Savage is starter and Watson will be given the opportunity to compete which seems impossible for most to comprehend or believe. It’s easy to understand and trust Savage being the starter and I’m more than comfortable with him especially after surviving “The Brockening”. Besides having one of the dopest names for football along with Whitney Mercilus, well not the Whitney part, he has a cannon of an arm, knows the plays and been been groomed by Teapot. Hell Savage was the media darling the same draft as “A Brockalypse Now” the Jimmy Garoppolo before Jimmy Garoppolo if you will. He has potential, but he gets hurt about as much as a get hurt machine. He has the luck of a rabbit with three feet. His pain always ends up being the good fortune of someone else. Seems like 10 different guys have received Texans QB playing time since he been here only because of his lack of availability due to injury. Don’t get me wrong I’m not wishing ill on nobody, but it’s safe to say an injury to Savage is in the realm a possibility. He’s still basically as much an unknown as rookie when it comes to playing time, far from veteran leadership.  Which bring is to Brandon Weeden.


Now let us continue…

For all the potential and familiarity of the offense with Savage, if we being real better yet trill, Deshaun Watson has had more serious action in the last two years than Tom’s whole career. Standing up to the pressures of back to back national championship seasons obama’s Tom’s two games and a couple of early exits that equate to spot duty. The two time Davey O’Brien award winner brings a little championship respect to the team.

In a perfect world you’d expect for a first round national champion to out play a fourth rounder, but that’s wishful thinking. Well put me in the wishful thinking party because I want Deshaun Watson to quarterback today, quarterback tomorrow and quarterback forever. I’m not racist cocksucker George Wallace and Deshaun ain’t segregation so we have to think rational here. You don’t want to throw him to the wolves with fresh wombs lest he be eaten alive. I understand there’s a process and that success in college doesn’t always translate to the pros, BUT I’m willing to put my money behind young master Watson.

If our offense is as complex as it’s said to be we need someone to learn and execute at a high level. Learning fast and execution happen to be two areas Deshaun Watson has shown a proficiency for on and off the field. The young man graduated high school early with a 3.7 GPA along with all the heavily documented home life situation. Went on to Clemson and AGAIN graduated early, this time he upped the ante by doing it this time in two and a half years with a degree in communication and a national title.At Clemson, Watson put up 10,138 career passing yards, 90 touchdowns and just 32 interceptions. He rushed for 1,744 yards and 26 scores. Everyone praises his leadership and preparation and it must be something for him to be named the starter in his freshman year. Dabo Swinney stated that he knew Deshaun was his quarterback after a camp his freshman year in high school. As legend has it he came in and basically took charge of the fellow camp attendees, leading them in drills new to himself. The talking heads call it the IT factor, the alpha dog, whatever IT is Deshaun has it in spades.

Now I totally understand him sitting a year or less and I might be persuaded to agree with you…might!  How do you tell Justin James Watt, chomping at the bit and coming off two back surgeries, having just watched his defense go No. 1 without him, while getting little to no help from the plate of raw Broccoli at quarterback, that you drafted the national championship all American stud of a quarterback, but Tom Savage is the starter?




No disrespect to Nacho Man Savage, but his next touchdown will be his first and he doesn’t have big game resume/ pedigree. As much as I’d love to have my QB named Savage, I’m serious I really want competition. Now if said competition is even close by the slightest of margins you owe it to the defense and Nuk the Bomb to start Deshaun Watson. The team is stacked on paper boasting three or four quality running backs, something he never had in Death Valley. He has some big trees for tight ends with nice hands to act as safety nets. Along with the aforementioned Hopkins there’s Jaelen Strong, who defiantly owes a debt of gratitude to the football gods for the waiving of Keith Mumphrey, their last year’s 1st round pick, Fifth Wheel Fuller and and of course the fastest man in Texas the undrafted WendellScooterWilliams. All the ingredients are there for a successful rookie campaign for Watson if he’s truly the quarterback of the future, well the future should start now. You don’t let the valet drive the Bugatti, merely park it and Savage is the valet in this scenario and Watson is the new owner.

The argument going against New Moon headed into the draft was that he was bailed out by the NFL talents of others, namely Mike Williams. I challenge that by asking what quarterback got by without a great catch from a receiver a time or two? Deshaun Watson was supposed to be surrounded by more talented players than everyone else, but when the dust settled Mr. Biscuit and UNC and their eight wins had as many players drafted as Clemson, six. The media will use any and every excuse afforded to them to explain their supposed expert opinions on black quarterbacks pro ready. Last years first and second picks were locks for franchise QBs even though Goff only lead his team to one winning season and as for Wentz, he took over a team that won two years prior without him plus made it with him injured his lone full season as the starter. Now this isn’t an indictment against the talents because each young man has a trait that makes him pretty good, but the narrative was they were can’t miss prospects that would be franchise changers. Well the news coming out of Los Angeles is that it ain’t set in stone that Goff will be the starter. After a promising first half and a lackluster second half of a rookie season, Wentz is working with an outside quarterback coach to the dismay of the Eagles of course. I say that to say no rookie is a finished product and any player of worth that values his career will work to improve. It seems like black quarterbacks are judged on what they are right now while a white quarterback is seen for his potential in the future, in my opinion at least. I was told we as blacks have to take three steps for every one step whites take and It seems as though Watson was told the same thing because he has been putting in extra time after practices tighten up his throwing motion. You know how the saying goes amateurs practice til they get it right and pros practice til they can’t get in wrong.

The Texans are sitting on one mean ass team. The defense is primed and ready for some action, littered with stars, current and budding. The offense is nice on paper, but like they say just lacking a quarterback. We moved up 13 spots and got one of the best. DESHAUN WATSON TODAY! DESHAUN WATSON TOMORROW! DESHAUN WATSON FOREVER! 


Goodbye Lance Parody

Today marks the final day that my All-Time favorite sports talk host takes a break from sports talk radio.  I’ve been listening to my man Lance Zierlein for over 20 years like a lot of other sports talk enthusiasts in the greater Houston area have been.  LZ, as he is commonly referred to as, always gave me a lane to express my love for music and sports by playing my goofy sports parodies over the airwaves.  So here’s my swan song for my boy(Even though we’ve never actually chilled or met) LZ.



Rivers’ Rant: Bubba-Chuck, Earl & Me. Me and the boy A.I. got more in common than just ballin’ and rhymin’


I’m back like a rebel causing trouble, an assassin kicking ass on the double. And there’s not a muthafucka alive that’s gonna stop me, so fuck you and your punk ass posse.

Basketball and hip-hop go together like PB&J. No player/artist comparison displays that better than the astounding careers of Allen Iverson and DMX.

You’ve probably never thought about how similar the two are.

  • Both are great among stiff competition
  • Careers blew up in 1998
  • Both could’ve been so much more of not for personal demons

nas quote

In the 90’s hip-hop and basketball had finally surpassed their older counterparts like rock, football and baseball, in the cool department with the teen demographic. Hip-hop was our religion and the court was church. The Source and SLAM magazines were holy books. You were shunned if you didn’t know who was on the McDonald’s all-star team or the latest hip hop quotable.

I first heard DMX on the underground classic ‘Time’s Up’ by Mic Geronimo. He was featured on the song along with Jay Z and Ja Rule. Of course it was a banger, but I didn’t hear anything special in him.

When 2Pac and Biggie were tragically taken away it left a giant hole in the game. A lot of fans were like ‘OH SHIT, WHAT WE GONE DO NOW?!’ Sure things survived, but the only people moving units was Em, Pimp Juice and Jay. Dope as they may be, they just didn’t have the ruggedness or sincerity of 2Pac. They could make hits just nothing that touched the soul.

There were more Pac pretenders than contenders. Take ya pick from Lil Zane to Lil Wayne with more bandanas than shirts and more tattoos than talent. Then there was X.

‘Stay out dark/ Cause if I catch you when the sun is down/ run it clown…’

4, 3, 2, 1 came with four lyrical titans, Red and Mef, Canibus, LL and DARK MAN X. Everybody on that song was fire. It’s probably better known for the Canibus and LL beef, ok it’s only known for that, but for most people that was their first time hearing DMX. The others spoke about their skills and metaphorically hurting you, but not X, he said he was gonna rob you if he saw you once it got dark and you believed him. He went on to release two highly aggressive singles that had everybody barking.


Allen Iverson came in like a whirlwind breaking the ankles of guards and disrespectfully dunking on centers. Like X he was featured on a hood classic that was Georgetown University with the great John Thompson and the not so great Othello Harrington. At the time Othello was the highest rated high school player of all time and was recruited to be the next great big man from Georgetown, but ended up being just alright. Harrington had a nice left hand, but came to the Rockets and wasn’t shit, but I digress. The Hoyas had recently added a kente cloth-like pattern to the jerseys and by the power of Alonzo Mourning they were cool again.

Allen Iverson was the first guard to be given the green light and boy did he use it. At first he played to the beat of Elder Thompson’s drum then in year three… RELEASE THE KRAKEN! The loss to North Carolina must’ve made John take it to streets and let little Allen takeover. When they got to the dance Hoyas were the sexy pick to win it all. They spanked the first round opponent, but it was their second round foe, The Texas Tech Red Raiders, where it got personal.

I’ve been posterized once in my life and it was by Gracen Avril, an all American McDonald all-star. You don’t know the amount of joy I felt as Bubba Chuck just destroyed him and the Red Raiders. Every time he scored on him it felt like I scored. The most memorable moment was in the final minutes of the game. The camera panned to the sideline and caught none other than Gracen Avril crying like a baby. I know I’m being Petty Riley, but it was at that very moment Iverson became my favorite player.

chuck in philly

It wasn’t until 1998 when these two guys really took over. Allen Iverson fresh off shaking the shit out of Jordan,  won the first of his three straight scoring titles and made cornrows and tattoos a prerequisite for urban basketballers. DMX dropped his first of three platinum records with two in ‘98 alone becoming the first hip hop artist to do so. It looked as if both guys were primed to take over the game only to be out shined by their more business minded monsters with clear cut plans for greatness, Kobe and Jay Z.


Addiction: a strong and harmful need to regularly have something (such as a drug) or do something (such as gamble)
: an unusually great interest in something or a need to do or have something.

Both of these greats suffered tremendous losses and setbacks because of addiction. I would be here all day trying to document and recount each crazy ass headline involving these two but fuck it. DMX once slept under a table at a charity event for underprivileged kids due to “exhaustion” and no matter what Bubba-Chuck momma said the rumors of him being drunk with a pistol dragging his woman, who may or may not had on clothes, down the street never quite went away.

x evolution

For all the money they made they both were constantly dogged by rumors of being broke and close to rock bottom, but who knows? We talking about some game dogs that we loved for their pride, the giant size chips on their shoulders and the size of the fight in them. It’s been said that Allen has a mean nest egg he has to live to 65 before he can touch. He’s also doing something with Ice Cube so there is hope yet. DMX on the other hand looks pretty bad. He’s become the crackhead uncle of hip-hop. I have faith that he’ll come around and shock us with that Rudolph the red nose reindeer Christmas album. As for Gracen Avril. He’s a productive member of society and a great father. Currently training his young son to dunk on some words writing ass nigga like me.

Peace and harmony, Rivers

Is the Texans OL as bad as everyone is saying?

     So we finally get the QB this town has needed for 15 years. How do we keep another David Carr situation from happening. Say what you will about Osweiler, and I’m as glad to see him gone as the next guy, but he never stood a chance behind that OL last season. No QB did. Maybe if you just signed Carlen Isles, and went 100% Wildcat. Carlen IslesIs the NFL ready to bring back the veer? No. So, we gotta resolve the OL issues, to give Miller a better shot, and give Watson (or Savage, or Weeden, that’s another discussion entirely, but I personally am 100% Watson from day one) time to run an offense.

     Which brings us to the meat of the issue; Who is the starting 5 OL for the Houston Texans on opening day? This picture is easiest told by who ISN’T going to be there. Starting RT Derek Newton. newton injury

This hurts doubly since he’s basically Duane Brown’s backup / replacement. Let’s be real… is Duane Brown still Duane Brown? He’d better be. But there’s now a giant vacancy at RT that will need to be addressed. It appears that the Texans are going to be counting on Journeyman tackle Breno Giacomini, formerly of the Jets, Seahawks, and Patriots. He seems fairly solid, if he’s fully recovered from his back surgery. At least it’s a body to fill the hole…

Let’s keep going. Nick Martin? Greg Mancz? There must not be a lot of confidence in either if they took Kyle Fuller from Baylor. Although, rumor has it he can play Guard too, he’s got the size for it. He has the long and lean build, with longer arms that suits the Pats / BoB offense. But 7th rounders aren’t going to step in and compete opening day. I guess you gotta consider C to be either Martin or Mancz, and we won’t know all that soon. But either way, that’s not a position of strength at this point. And a new QB is going to need consistency from the Center position. This is an issue they’re going to have to coach their way out of. Let’s move on to guard. Jeff Allen, they’ve put the money in him. Too bad his run blocking is atrocious. And Sua Filo, isn’t much better. I want to see these guys grow and solidify. I’d like to think that the work is already done from a personnel perspective. But it’s not.

Is there any legit feeling that the second unit has a shot yet? Can Kendall Lamm fill that vacancy at Tackle? Will rookie Julie’n Davenport be the day 1 starter? Julie'N Davenport     Is either of them the short term, or long term answer? Seems like the front office is going with yes. And there may be a bit of a history of that. Let’s take a look back at 2012. The Texans weren’t too bad that year, and the right side of the line was Ben Jones and Derek Newton. I miss Chris Meyers too guys. But I’m starting to think that maybe things aren’t as bleak as last year might have portrayed. There’s a bit of a fallacy in looking too focused at a unit in strictly names and numbers. These guys, whoever they are, are going to need to function as a unit, more than anything else. That’s where I see the guts of the issue. It’s easy to say the OL played bad, or graded out poorly. Any fool can see that. But HOW? That’s where the coaching challenge is going to come in. We all like to play fantasy GM and hire and fire guys hypothetically all the time. But here’s a dose of reality. We’ve got the guys that we’ve got, and this is what has to make a team. There’s a good OL in there somewhere.

My answer is this. Mike Devlin, you’re on the hot seat. Come strong, or else. It may not be an ideal group of guys. And there’s certainly some issues to overcome. But there’s not really any big time help in the veteran free agent market, and I can’t imagine they’re going to be making any more trades, unless they’re getting draft picks back for 2018. You got who you got. One aging, solid LT, and a lot of question marks. The plus side is, you’ve got some pretty solid blocking TE’s, and a fullback to help out. And let’s be real, D’Onta Foreman was a best available pick, more than intentional. Maybe that shoulda been an OT. But that’s not how Rick Smith saw it, and I think in a longer term view, he’s probably right. Besides, Foreman can lay down a block too. And he was almost 20 pounds leaner at combine than playing weight. This is a man to be taken seriously. I’m not in the habit of giving Rick Smith credit. I’m also probably still just giddy that we got Deshaun Watson. But I’m really pretty happy with day 2 of the draft from Rick Smith too. It says that he’s confident that Mike Devlin can solve the OL puzzle this year. In the end, time will tell. Mike Devlin, you’re on the clock.

H-Town Wolverine